BUSH tucker enthusiasts got a taste of the Clarence Valley on Friday when Janelle Brown delivered a bush tucker talk and tasting as part of the celebrations for the Clarence Valley's heritage.

An enthusiast herself for a number of years, Ms Brown highlighted the important role bush tucker played to Aboriginal people, and where some of these native plants can be found around the Clarence Valley.

"What I like about bush tucker is that it's a very big part of my culture, and without these plants our people wouldn't have survived in Australia for 40,000 years," she said.

"I love the fact that there's so many different varieties of plants, so many different uses for the plants and that there's still so much to discover, there's so many plants out there that have wonderful qualities that Australians are still learning about, plants that my people have known about for thousands of years but mainstream Australia and medical authorities are just learning about.

"Hopefully our people can be involved in research, involved in learning and teach non-Aboriginal people about our plants and our culture."

For the past five years, Ms Brown said she has been involved in growing and collecting native plants herself, and with the newly planted bush tucker at the Healing Centre at Gurehlgam providing more opportunities to learn about the benefits of bush tucker.

"Hopefully we will be able to open it up and present the plants and bush tucker and bush medicine to the community of Grafton and the Clarence Valley," she said.

"We hop to work in with preschools and schools like Grafton Primary, South Grafton High School, so we can preserve our culture, pass that information down to our children and also to share that knowledge with mainstream Australia as well."

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