Huawei declares death of the smartphone

FORGET having a smartphone. What you need is an intelligent machine.

Say goodbye to menus and ATMs

Daigou - Chinese Personal Shopper

A hi-tech reality for Australians is closer than we think

Going long-term in property? Women invest the best

Susan Farquhar

Investing in property? Trust a woman

‘MY BLOOD BOILED’: Why I will never use LinkedIn again


LinkedIn is supposed to be the professional social networking site

The Stormtroopers are coming – to vacuum your floor

Samsung has released a range of floor sweeping POWERbots

Young people fear robots will steal their jobs

Nicole Robinson is a psychology PhD student at QUT who is working with robots. She is with "Andy”.

The #WTF campaign wants your ideas on this hot-button topic.

Senator’s push to keep XXXX flowing in pubs and clubs

A Qld senator has stepped in to try to save the state’s iconic beer

How loyalty to companies is costing us thousands

Consumer finance specialist Lisa Montgomery says loyalty doesn’t always equal savings.Source:News Corp Australia

It pays to shop around for banking and insurance

Westpac life insurance bill could hit $100m

WESTPAC is being sued for allegedly overcharging life insurance policyholders in a claim that could hit $100 million.

The money wasters costing Aussies more than $5000 a year

Could you tighten up your budget to save cash?

Avoidable spending is hurting household budgets

Keep it simple when it's your money

With about 2000 listed Australian companies, just as many managed funds, and untold numbers of investment properties on offer, there's no shortage of assets - many of which are straightforward - to invest in, Paul Clitheroe says.

My alarm bells start ringing when it is complex

The staggering amount Gen X will need for retirement

Are you planning for your retirement?

Five tips on saving for a comfortable retirement

Give your money an overseas trip

A trader in the New York Stock Exchange reacts at the closing bell as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above the 20,000 mark for the first time, in January this year.

Our dollar gains and loses value against the American dollar

Lack of travel insurance could cost you dearly

HEADING OFF? The main thing to remember if travelling overseas is to organise insurance as soon as you've paid for flights or accommodation, Paul Clitheroe recommends.

Aussies mistakenly think government will pick up the tab.

Avoid mindless spending by planning

Planning to bring your lunch to work is a great idea for those following a budget, but it's no good if you end up buying a $15 sandwich.

Unplanned purchases can hurt

Aldi takes on smartphones with cheap iPhone offer

ALDI isn’t just coming for your groceries or ski gear anymore, the discount supermarket disrupter is eyeing your smartphone too.

Huawei unveils $499 phone with dual cameras on front and back

The Huawei nova 2i

The Huawei nova 2i is squarely aimed at selfie shooters

Dangerous iPhone scam easy to fall for

The one of the left is legitimate, while the one on the right is not.

Credit card and personal details could be taken in seconds

Apple Watch Series 3 review: Not perfect, but damn close

Apple Watch Series 3 features a clever antenna design that uses the display itself to transmit and receive.

Constant connectivity does have its downsides

'Something badly wrong' with govt offer to retiring worker

IF YOU'RE a government employee close to retirment then be careful about which pension option you choose, warns our business columnist Christoph Schnelle.

Building your prosperity through property

People like investing in something they understand - everyone lives in a property - plus you can see, touch and perhaps even drive past the asset you own.

The three simple investing principles you have to know

OPINION: Fixation with coal starting to look like socialism

Australia's Treasurer Scott Morrison pictured holding a piece of coal during House of Representatives Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra, in February.

Honestly, what is up with our politicians' preoccupation with coal?

How to stop losing 'easy' sales

15/07/02 110966 Building industry, tradesmans toolbelt. Photo Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily

There are things you can do to stop losing easy sales

Why do some businessses flourish and others flounder?

Business confidence is down as the mining outlook weakens.

This week's Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce column.

Madness that allowed foreign workers a foot in the door

Sparks fly as a sheet metal worker fabricates a piece of mining equipment at Mastermyne Engineering.   Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin

That is what the 457 visa program had become - a madness

Company tax cuts just one aspect

Government senators seem happy with themselves during a debate on the Company Tax Bill on March 31.

Are the benefits worth it in the long term?

REVEALED: The $79 gadget that promises to change your life

IT might not look like much, but it has been custom designed to fix some of the most common problems everyone will encounter.

Reports of ‘splitting’ problem with iPhone 8

Photos posted on Twitter the next day appear to show the split in the phone getting worse.

New iPhones are having issues with splitting

Samsung on a winner with superior Note8

A worker puts the finishing touches on an advertising billboard by Samsung Galaxy Note8.

This is a phone you just to love to hold, use and watch.

Apple Watch Series 3 has embarrassing glitch

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple has admitted there is a fault