Busways up for the count

PARENTS remain speculative about the sudden arrival of three giant buses that have rolled into Maclean High School.

The 72-seaters have replaced their regular 57-seat buses; but for how long , no one knows.

Yamba mother Sarah Armstrong said she thought it convenient timing that the buses arrived at school on the day a group of parents had planned a head count to see if overcrowding was an issue, as had previously been reported.

In a letter to Busways, Mrs Armstrong said the head count had been well-publicised and it was likely Busways was aware of it.

"I am wondering though, if perhaps they swept into the school turning bay (last Wednesday), of all days, because Busways knew that parents were conducting a head count and you wanted to be sure that you had it covered," Mrs Armstrong wrote.

"I am perhaps being cynical. I would be very glad for you to tell us that they are permanently assigned to transport Maclean High School students."

A Busways spokesman could neither confirm nor deny whether the large buses were here to stay.

"The buses are currently allocated to the Yamba/Maclean High Schools services and will continue to operate services there as required," the spokesman said.

"Our bus fleet is allocated based on the requirements of the network, taking into consideration changing demographics and transport needs, so no bus allocations are permanent."

When asked to clarify just what that meant for the Lower Clarence buses, The Daily Examiner was told they could not commit to an answer.

"No bus allocations are permanent," the spokesman said.

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