Calls for daylight saving cuts fall on deaf ears

THOUSANDS of NSW farmers have called for daylight saving time to be shortened from six months to four but coastal MPs are not having a bar of it.

Northern Tablelands Nationals MP Adam Marshall said regional farm kids were waiting in darkness for their school buses to arrive, particularly between October and April.

"Those of us who are early risers - as most people are in the bush - know only too well the need to keep our body clock in check," he said.

"Many rural people walk around bleary-eyed, forced to stay awake during a full day of light to get the job done after having to get up very early and in darkness because they are in a business environment that deals with countries all around the world."

Should daylight saving be:

This poll ended on 18 September 2015.

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A) Scrapped


B) Shortened


C) Extended


D) Made year-round


E) Swapped around so we have it in winter instead of summer


F) Left as-is


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Mr Marshall said a recent petition containing more than 3000 signatures from his electorate called for daylight savings to be shaved back by a month at each end.

"It is the last four weeks in particular that go past the autumn equinox that cause a number of problems," he said.

He noted the difficulty communities bordering Queensland faced in business and everyday life, with many people working or attending school interstate.

"The last month drags on for far too long and it is detrimental to the lives of rural people," Mr Marshall said.

"Again I call on the government and this parliament to revert to the original daylight saving arrangement.

"The four months works well, it makes sense and I commend that view to the government."

Liberal Member for Kiama Gareth Ward ruled out any changes after putting it on the record that "curtains will not fade" and "cows cannot tell the time".

"I make it clear that the government has no intention at this point of making changes to daylight saving," he said.

"I even say to the Queensland Government that perhaps it should get on board with the first state and look at introducing daylight saving to align with NSW so that Queensland businesses can do business more effectively with the number one economy in the nation."


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