Calls to reduce daylight saving

IF you enjoy the freedom daylight saving affords you to go for a surf after work or take the kids to sport, your window of opportunity to do so may soon be reduced.

The NSW Nationals will soon try to rustle up support from its Liberal colleagues to cut back the duration of daylight saving by two months.

This would see daylight saving start on the first Sunday in November, instead of October, and finish on the first Sunday in March, as opposed to April.

Member for Clarence Steve Cansdell said he supported the push by fellow Nationals members to cut back daylight saving.

“Daylight saving starts too early and finishes too late,” he said.

“Kids who have to travel, sometimes more than an hour, to school and back are standing out on the side of the roads in darkness ... it's ridiculous.

“It doesn't affect me but it does affect many, many people and it needs to be changed.”

Mr Cansdell said there had been discussions by the Nationals about lobbying for a two-month reduction in the duration of daylight saving.

“We have to now convince the city people, the Liberals, to support us,” he said.

“The country or regional Liberals already support us.

“Whether it will be successful or not I can't tell you yet.”

Mr Cansdell said the Nationals aimed to have a resolution before daylight saving started again this year.

“As soon as we get a chance in parliament, as soon as things get back to normal, we will see what we can do to try and reverse it,” he said.

Originally introduced to save electricity on January 1, 1917, during the First World War, daylight saving was again introduced in NSW in 1971.

NSW Parliament then passed the Standard Time Act following a referendum on the issue.

More than 1.8 million people voted in the referendum with a ratio of 13 people to six in favour of winding clocks forward to capitalise on their climate.


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