Michael Henderson

Cane toad hunt looms

THE worst time to be a cane toad in the Clarence Valley would have to be this month.

A war has been waged on the pesky toad and Clarence Valley residents have been asked to join the battle.

Project 'eliminate cane toads' will begin on Wednesday at the Clarence Environment and Ecology Seminar in Grafton.

Jeff Thomas, from the Department of Environment and Climate Change, will present a toad seminar, to explain where the pest is in the region and what is being done to get rid of the toads. The talk will go ahead on level three, 49 Victoria Street, from noon to 1pm and all are welcome.

On Sunday, community action will hopefully speak louder than words at the 11th annual cane toad round-up in Yamba.

The event has been responsible for heavily reducing the number of toads in the Yamba and Angourie region and organisers are hoping its success will continue.

Community toad hunters should turn up at the Yamba Golf and Country Club at 6.30pm, armed with gloves and a torch.

The aim will be to find and bag as many toads as possible. There will be a free barbecue and cane toad talk.

Children are encouraged to attend, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Cane toads have been recorded in the Clarence Valley since 1980.

In 1998 cane toads were first noticed in the northern end of Yuraygir National Park around the Angourie area although they were probably there before that. Recent years have featured a control program, including the annual cane toad round-up, which has reduced numbers in the area and other locations. Cane toads are continuing to spread throughout the Lower Clarence Valley with limited control in much of their range.

To find out about other toad hunts and to see how many have been collected in the Valley visit www.cvcia.org.au

For more information on the toad round up call 6641 1500.


WHAT: Cane toad round-up.

WHERE: Yamba Golf and Country Club, River Street.

WHEN: Sunday, February 22.

WHO: All are welcome.

RAIN: Call NPWS on 0427 484 336 or 0428 965 525.

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