Cansdell angered by staffer's rants

STEVE CANSDELL has distanced himself from a part-time Sydney staff member responsible for racist, rude and insulting comments posted on the Twitter website.

The former Yamba resident, Marcus Greig, has regularly made openly offensive and derogatory statements about many members of the community, including rude insults directed at politicians not on the conservative side of politics, including Kristina Keneally and Julia Gillard.

On Friday Mr Greig referred to the Prime Minister as ‘an arrogant obnoxious snotty nosed 'itch', and previously as ‘a big nosed ranga'.

Eric Roozendaal the ‘nsw treasurer is the head of the jewish mafia' and Kristina Keneally, through the abbreviation of KKK, is ‘a **cking slag' according to Mr Greig.

And there are many more.

Mr Greig said he did work in Mr Cansdell's Sydney office, but stressed the comments were his alone.

“I'm making these comments, not him.

"Twitter is just a form of freedom of expression,” he said.

The comments were totally disgusting, said Mr Cansdell.

“They are offensive to me and every other politician on both sides of politics.

“Mr Greig made a big mistake to say he was on my staff,” he said.

Mr Greig stopped working for Mr Cansdell late last year.

He was employed for a year and a half on a part-time basis and worked in Mr Cansdell's office when Parliament was in session.

Mr Cansdell was very angry that he had been associated with the comments.

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