EFFORT: Brothers captain Jake Kroehnert.
EFFORT: Brothers captain Jake Kroehnert. Debrah Novak

Captain’s knock not enough to keep Brothers alive

PREMIER LEAGUE: A valiant captain's knock from Brothers captain Jake Kroehnert was just not enough to get his side over the line against Tucabia-Copmanhurst.

"It was my job to be there at the end, but I just couldn't quite do it," Kroehnert said. "In the end it was not as satisfying as it should have been."

Kroehnert scored 62 before being bowled by Tucabia paceman Brad Chard with nine overs remaining in the day's play.

Two quick wickets followed as Brothers succumbed to the wily bowling attack of Tucabia.

"We were just glad it was a good game of cricket, we never threw in the towel.

"We played cricket until 6.30 on a Sunday afternoon so you know it was a tight match. We will learn from the experience."


CLARENCE RIVER CRICKET ASSOCIATION   Preliminary Finals   GDSC PREMIER LEAGUE   Brothers v Tucabia Copmanhurst   At Ellem Oval   Toss: Tucabia   Tucabia Copmanhurst 1st Innings   MJ Blanch b JS Weatherstone 16   MJ Dougherty b JS Weatherstone 0   BJ McKenzie c M Kroehnert b Summers 29   MC Pigg c Lynch b M Kroehnert 47   AJ Buchanan c BJ Weatherstone b Summers 0   DJ Cootes c Kerr b BJ Weatherstone 11   CA Adamson b BJ Weatherstone 2   B Chard b BJ Weatherstone 1   BR Pardoe c Lynch b BJ Weatherstone 13   TJ Blackadder not out 9   JG Powell b BJ Weatherstone 6   Extras (b 1, lb 3, w 1, nb 0) 5   Total 139   Overs: 54.1   FoW: 1-1(MJ Dougherty) 2-41(MJ Blanch) 3-49(BJ McKenzie) 4-53(AJ Buchanan) 5-94(DJ Cootes)6-100(CA Adamson) 7-102(B Chard) 8-120(BR Pardoe) 9-122(MC Pigg) 10-139(JG Powell)   Bowling: JS Weatherstone 6-2-33-2, M Kroehnert 8-3-16-1, MJ Summers 9-3-19-2, J Kroehnert 7-2-23-0, BJ Weatherstone 14.1-5-24-4, AJ Kinnane 10-6-20-0   Brothers 1st Innings   JS Weatherstone b Chard 1   W Kerr c Dougherty b Adamson 3   J Kroehnert b Chard 3   J Firth b Pigg 18   M Kroehnert lbw b Adamson 3   J Lynch b Chard 0   JC Newman b Adamson 0   MJ Summers b Adamson 0   AJ Kinnane c Buchanan b Pigg 4   BJ Weatherstone c Blackadder b Adamson 0   BL Jurd not out 15   Extras (b 5, lb 2, w 0, nb 2) 9   Total: 56   Overs: 27   FoW: 1-4(W Kerr) 2-7(J Kroehnert) 3-10(JS Weatherstone) 4-13(M Kroehnert) 5-16(J Lynch) 6-17(JC Newman) 7-23(MJ Summers) 8-34(J Firth) 9-56(BJ Weatherstone)   Bowling: B Chard 13-2-24-3, CA Adamson 10.5-4-16-5, BR Pardoe 2-0-3-0, MC Pigg 2-0-6-2,   Tucabia Copmanhurst 2nd Innings   MJ Blanch c Newman b JS Weatherstone 0   MJ Dougherty b M Kroehnert 13   BJ McKenzie c Kerr b JS Weatherstone 1   MC Pigg c Firth b M Kroehnert 1   AJ Buchanan lbw b AJ Kinnane 10   DJ Cootes c Kerr b BJ Weatherstone 10   CA Adamson c McDonald b BJ Weatherstone 0   B Chard c Newman b BJ Weatherstone 0   BR Pardoe b J Kroehnert 50   TJ Blackadder not out 14   JG Powell lbw b J Kroehnert 1 0 0   Extras (b 4, lb 3, w 2, nb 2) 11   Total: 111   Overs: 39.4   FoW: 1-14(MJ Blanch) 2-16(MJ Dougherty) 3-20(BJ McKenzie) 4-22(MC Pigg) 5-42(DJ Cootes) 6-42(CA Adamson) 7-42(B Chard) 8-71(AJ Buchanan) 9-100(BR Pardoe) 10-111(JG Powell)   Bowling: JS Weatherstone 5-1-6-2, M Kroehnert 12-2-38-2, BJ Weatherstone 11-4-20-3, MJ Summers 3-1-10-0, J Kroehnert 4.4-2-17-2, AJ kinnane 5-2-13-1   Brothers 2nd Innings   W Kerr c Dougherty b Chard 28   JS Weatherstone c Dougherty b Chard 0   J Firth run out (CA Adamson) 0   J Kroehnert b Chard 62   M Kroehnert c Pardoe b Pigg 8   MJ Summers c Adamson b Pigg 23   J Lynch b Pigg 14   JC Newman b Adamson 1   AJ Kinnane not out 8   BJ Weatherstone c Cootes b Pigg 1   BL Jurd b Pigg 0   Extras (b 6, lb 1, w 2, nb 1) 10   Total: 155   Overs: 48.4   FoW: 1-10(JS Weatherstone) 2-22(J Firth) 3-39(W Kerr) 4-52(M Kroehnert) 5-96(MJ Summers) 6-128(J Lynch) 7-135(JC Newman) 8-153(J Kroehnert) 9-154(BJ Weatherstone) 10-155(BL Jurd)   Bowling: B Chard 16-4-36-3, CA Adamson 12-0-60-1, MC Pigg 17.4-6-38-5, BR Pardoe 4-0-14-0   Tucabia Copmanhurst woin outright by 39 runs  

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