Car blaze mystery

DI McClymont doesn't know why someone would have torched her car in the early hours of Saturday morning.

And the other residents of Copmanhurst are also scratching their head about who would have carried out the seemingly senseless act of destruction.

Di lives in a house that is part of Copmanhurst's Rest Point Hotel and was soundly asleep when her white Ford Festiva was set alight.

Sometime after 1am, the driver's window was smashed and a fire started inside the vehicle that could have had disastrous consequences.

The car was parked in a carport close to full gas bottles that could have exploded if the fire had spread further.

“Gosh it was a fright, it wasn't very nice at all,” a still-shaken Di said yesterday.

Di was woken by neighbour Kim Wilson, who lives across the road from the carport.

Kim had been working on his computer and was about to go to bed when he heard a car driving past - an event at that time of the morning unusual enough in the small village to attract his attention.

“I looked outside and saw a car down the end of the road and thought it was strange,” he said.

“It then turned around and drove along the road towards me and when it got close the driver turned the lights off.

“It was then I noticed the fire over the road so I chased the car up the road to try to get a description but I could only see the shape of the vehicle.”

Kim then grabbed a bucket of water and threw it onto the fire.

In racing to refill the bucket he slipped and badly damaged his ankle but kept going and was able to douse the flames with the second bucket.

He then alerted Di and people living in a cabin not far from where the car was parked.

Getting around on crutches yesterday because of his injured ankle, Kim said he was aware of the potential for a bigger inferno if the fire spread from the car.

“I knew the gas bottles had only just been delivered on Friday and were full,” he said.

“I was mainly frightened that if I let it burn, God knows what would have happened.”

Di, who had no comprehensive insurance on the car, is now faced with having to borrow a vehicle to get to her work in Grafton. A bucket has been placed on the bar at the Rest Point to raise money to help her out.

Anyone with information about the fire should contact Grafton police on 6642 0222.

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