The damage done to a Maxwell Avenue resident’s car.
The damage done to a Maxwell Avenue resident’s car.

Car dumped in centre of street

A KNOCK on the door at 4.30am Wednesday opened a South Grafton mum-of-three’s eyes to the reality of criminal activity in the area.

The knock came from a police officer, who asked the woman to move her car from the middle of her street – Maxwell Avenue.

The woman, who preferred to be known only as Amy, said it suddenly dawned on her why her dogs were ‘going off’ during the night.

Her car, which had been parked on the front part of her driveway, had been broken into and an attempt made to steal the vehicle. It was abandoned halfway across the street.

“My car was parked diagonally across Maxwell Avenue,” she said.

“They just left it there.

“Turning the key unlocks the steering lock in the rack, and when they’ve tried to turn to go out of my driveway, the power steering hasn’t worked.”

The car had been rummaged through, ‘shrapnel’ stolen, and the passenger-side rear quarter window smashed.

“They would have had to climb over the baby seat in the back,” she said.

Amy said upon seeing what had happened, she immediately thought of the ‘bunch of kids’ who make Maxwell Avenue and surrounding streets their haunt for after-dark get-togethers.

She said the group of boys and girls, mostly aged ‘about 15 to 16’, regularly converged at the Maxwell Avenue bus shelter about 10 o’clock at night. “The way they carry on, it sounds like they’re drunk.”

Amy said she had witnessed the group disperse when the sound of the police vehicle came anywhere near. “They hear the bull wagon coming and they just scatter,” she said.

Coffs-Clarence local area command Acting Inspector Peter O’Reilly said there had not been a recent spate of break-ins or car thefts in the South Grafton area.

“From time to time these things will happen,” he said.

“We haven’t had a concentrated problem. We ask that people remain vigilant and ensure they don’t leave valuables such as handbags and wallets in their cars.

“If parking on the street, they should park under street lights. People who are targeting cars are opportunistic.”

Act Insp O’Reilly said he would not comment on who might have committed the break-in and theft.

Phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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