The driver's side of the Wicked camper van being used by French travellers Max Bartra and Pierre
The driver's side of the Wicked camper van being used by French travellers Max Bartra and Pierre "Kermit" Graveleau Photo Megan Kinninment / Northern Star Megan Kinninment

Caravan parks keep keen watch on Wicked slogans

WICKED Campers are fine until their slogans cross the line but there's not much you can do, say Clarence Valley caravan park managers.

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Blue Dolphin co-owner Mark Mitchell said the most he could do about it would be to ask van users to cover the signs.

"Personally I don't have an issue but I think there's a line they shouldn't cross," Mr Mitchell said.

"Some do just go over the top and you wonder why they do it," he said.

"If we had a complaint from a customer about it being obscene we would probably ask them to cover it up with plastic or paper while they're in the resort."

Wooli Caravan Park contact manager Chris Priem said he had never had a problem with the vans.

"We get them in from time to time and they don't overly bother me," Mr Priem said.

"They're usually international tourists, and no one has ever made comment on them to me," he said.

"The earlier ones did offend, but I think they've cleaned their act up a little bit since then."

Outrage over the offensive slogans has grown recently.

Last week, Ballina and Byron councils made a bid to ban the most offensive artwork from their roads.

"I'm not surprised about that because just about all international tourists or people using those vans go to Byron," Mr Priem said.

Clarence Valley Council mayor Richie Williamson said he and other councillors had taken a general interest in the councils' debate but ultimately the responsibility fell on the shoulders of the company.

"We'll watch with interest there but I would be very surprised if there is a great deal of power at the whim of councils," Cr Williamson said.

"Obviously some of the slogans that I've seen are grossly offensive, to me and I'd suspect the general populous, and the operators of the Wicked campers need to take responsibility for that," he said.

"The slogans do nothing for them as corporate citizens.

"If there was an offensive slogan at one of our parks, I'm sure responsible caravan park operators would take action in a means that they see appropriate."

Cr Williamson said councillors were more concerned at present with the issue of tourists illegally camping in vans in public areas.

"It's starting to be more of a problem than what it has in the past... and how we manage that in the future is at the forefront of my mind," he said.

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