Grafton's dark carpark to have lights checked today

USERS of the Grafton Library carpark should find out why they are walking to their cars in the dark today.

Clarence Valley Council said it has commissioned an electrician to find the reason most of the lights in the carpark, have stopped working.

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The council initially thought vandals might have damaged the lights, but last week decided it was the culprit was more likely to be in the switchboard.

Last week The Daily Examiner spoke to the owner of Grafton Mall Butcher Alana Kenny, who said she sometimes feared for her safety when walking through the carpark in the dark.

Her fears struck a chord with others on Facebook.

Employees and business owners in the Grafton CBD are fearing for their safety when they use the car park behind the Grafton library at night:

Posted by The Daily Examiner on Friday, 29 May 2015

 Maree Hambly: Staff cannot park anywhere underneath or anywhere that customers can. They tell us we should park up this far away in a car park with not many lights and if we don't we will get fined. Doesn't sound very safe or fair to me, we all spend money in the shopping centre and if it wasn't for the staff you wouldn't have customers.

 Belynda Sewell Wheildon: A family member of mine was robbed in Coles carpark where their cameras weren't and bad lighting... So don't think it won't happen to you.

 Ashleigh Griffin: I always end up having to park right up the back to get a park, when I leave the SCU study rooms after dark. The car park is unlit and empty. It's very confronting and scary.

 Malcolm Polsen: The Grafton streets in general need more and better lighting.

 Darrin Ashton: With everything happening in the world this should be common sense with the lighting. Some people should wake up.

 Catherine McFarlane: Couldn't agree with this more.

 Allyson Sales: Yes more lighting and cameras are essential in this day and age ...sadly.

 Carole Lancaster: I really agree about Grafton parking at CBD. To go to a three-hour sewing class in Prince St. I can't walk distances like younger days.

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