DISCERNING WOMAN: Susan Lamb has had dozens of proposals for marriage.
DISCERNING WOMAN: Susan Lamb has had dozens of proposals for marriage. John Mccutcheon

Millionaire for a day discovers money can buy you love

THE former Sunshine Coast woman who became a multi-millionaire for one day has discovered money might just buy love.

Since Susan Lamb's story of how ANZ accidentally transferred nearly $10 million into her bank account made headlines on Monday, Ms Lamb has been inundated with marriage proposals.

"I've had hundreds of marriage proposals," Ms Lamb said.

"They have got my phone number and called me, they've inboxed my message box, they've got hold of me on Facebook," the single mum said.

Unfortunately so far, none have been suitable candidates.

"Most of them appear to be from Nigeria," she said.

She also had parents of sick children ring up and ask for money, even though she has made it clear she knew the money was not hers.

All the attention has caused a headache for Ms Lamb, who runs her own business, Pain Free Enterprise.

It also came at a bad time as Ms Lamb was on the Sunshine Coast this week to promote her business at a stall in Kawana Shoppingworld and was regularly interrupted for media interviews.

One perk was the interview with Channel 10's The Project as they "arranged for a limousine to pick me up and take me to their studio in Brisbane".

ANZ has also finally responded to her calls for more information, with three head honchos organising a conference call with Ms Lamb late Monday afternoon.

"I had a conference call with the ANZ business manager on the Gold Coast, the Australia-wide Finance and Logistics director and the Queensland ANZ manager," Ms Lamb said.

"They were on the phone for half and hour and apologised profusely. They couldn't believe they had such an incredible glitch."

They have promised to review their call centre communication, with Ms Lamb initially being told when enquiring about the strange amount shown on the balance of her ATM receipt that it was her money.

"They have said they will ensure call centre operators are fully trained in communicating effectively," she said.

But all that ANZ has offered for the two days of anxiety and the hours of frustration is a "cup of coffee".

"I think they really do need to send me red roses and organise a family holiday for me.

"This has also caused my family in Melbourne to be extremely stressed out.

"My son was worried our home in Labrador (on the Gold Coast) might be targeted.

"I tried to tell the people who were in contact with me that it was not my money and to go away.

"I am so exhausted from all these people ringing."

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