Christian candidate says 'men don't want to wed men'

BALLINA Christian Democratic Party candidate Vyvyan Stott says he supports the party line that marriage should be an affair between a man and a woman.

"We believe that people have been engineered for a man and a lady to get together and make babies," he said.

"That's the way that we're designed and I don't believe that men actually really want to really go through a marriage ceremony with other men.

"So we stand up for family values and we believe in love between a man and a woman."

Mr Stott's Lismore counterpart, Gianpiero Battista, also stood by his previous comments that he does not support marriage equality and that "marriage is between a man and woman".

"These are my beliefs and I stand by my beliefs," Mr Battista said.


"I want people not to vote because I'm a Christian. I want people to vote because I'm the right person who cares about his community.

"I've always cared about my community and I work my best to try to achieve good results in this community."

Christian Democratic Party leader Reverend Fred Nile has made headlines over his gay marriage comments.

In his submission to the New South Wales parliamentary inquiry into same-sex marriage he said homosexuality should still be classed as a mental disorder.

He also compared the equal rights campaign to calls from the Muslim community to recognise marriage with up to four wives.

The Christian Democratic Party's website says its main aims are to promote "pro-family, pro-child, pro-moral, pro-life and pro-Australian policies".

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