The best tech gifts for kids this Christmas

IF you are looking for all the hi-tech suggestions you need, from educational robots, to fighting drones, to ice cream carts that teach toddlers about colours and shapes.



Ages 2-5



More suited to being bashed against the ground by an excited toddler than an iPad, this LeapStart Learning System is one that grows with your child. It's compatible with any LeapStart book, and kids can use the stylus to tap on any part of the book they want to know more about to get audio prompts. Your little one can learn about numbers, animals, reading and writing at their own pace, and feel like they're in control.

Leap Frog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart


This isn't just any adorable ice cream cart. The Magic Ice Cream Scoop recognises which colour/flavour ice cream is being picked up, and the included order cards will challenge your child to use their knowledge of colours, shapes and numbers to serve orders for their animal friends. It's designed to sneakily teach kids about colours, memory, matching and number sequences while they have fun.

Khue Ta, 8, with presents from the Christmas gift guide. Picture: Jason Edwards
Khue Ta, 8, with presents from the Christmas gift guide. Picture: Jason Edwards

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2


Kids aged four and up will love getting to wear a smart watch just like their mum. This watch will allow kids to take photos, play games, keep track of their steps and learn to tell time.

Ages 5-12

Vtech Star Wars Stormtrooper Digital Camera


This is the perfect camera for the explorer in your life. It's tough enough to survive the rigours of adventure, while featuring Star Wars-themed stamps and mini games any Star Wars fan will love.

Khue Ta, 8, and Archer Boddington, 2, play with some of the gifts. Picture: Jason Edwards
Khue Ta, 8, and Archer Boddington, 2, play with some of the gifts. Picture: Jason Edwards

Lego BOOST Creative Toolbox


Everyone loves Lego, so this robot kit for ages seven to 12 is the ideal way to have fun while testing their imagination and teaching them to code. Build anything from a musical instrument to an AutoBuilder that actually builds Lego models of its own. Once they've dabbled with the five robot suggestions in the box, kids can build and code anything they can think of.

LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit


Construct your own R2D2 and then code it for adventure! This kit is less about the actual construction process (there are 30 easy-to-build pieces included, though you can also utilise cardboard to change your droid's look), and more about the coding and playing games.

Ages 12-16

UBTech Alpha 1 Pro


Alpha is easily the coolest robot on the market. It does cost a pretty penny, but the balancing and articulation of Alpha is insane. Teach him to dance, or have him teach you to do yoga, there are plenty of programs you can write and download for him. If you know a teenager who wants to do more with their coding, then this is the robot they have to have.

Archer Boddington, 2, with the UBTech Alpha 1 Pro. Picture: Jason Edwards
Archer Boddington, 2, with the UBTech Alpha 1 Pro. Picture: Jason Edwards

Propel Star Wars Battle Drones


There are three different Star Wars ships that can battle each other in midair, controlled by your phone. This is probably what the human race has been building up to, and it is amazing.

Lego Technic Air Race Jet


This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to know how things work, but doesn't necessarily want to code them. This two-in-one, 1151 piece Lego model includes a motor, so, once built, the fan will spin, the fuselage will open and the undercarriage can retract. It'll take a skilled builder at least a full day to complete, then they can take it apart and build a private jet.

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