City parking on the nose

THE battle lines, or in this case white lines, in the reverse angle parking debate were drawn on Tuesday night when Clarence Valley Council mayor Richie Williamson and councillor Margaret McKenna defended the age-old technique.

A report on possibly changing reverse angle parking on Prince St to nose-in was put before the councillors at this week's committee meeting at the request of the chamber.

While for councillors Craig Howe, Jim Simmons and Sue Hughes the change was worth considering, for Crs Williamson and McKenna, they'd heard it all before.

Cr McKenna said she thought the changes, which would mean realigning the "blisters" or garden beds that protrude into the road, would be too expensive.

"If it was 50/50 I would be happy to sit here and let the ball roll," she said.

"From what I'm hearing today we could be talking $1million to bring this in across the whole of Grafton."

The council's director of works, Troy Anderson, was asked to provide a ballpark costing for the changes and said it could cost $340,000 to realign kerb and guttering on Prince St, between Victoria and Bacon Sts.

For Cr Simmons the nose-in option would be neck-friendly.

"It's probably a lot of easier for me these days to not bend my neck around and reverse," he said.

Cr Simmons said it would not cost much to find out what people want and exactly how much it costs.

"We're just asking for a report; simple as that," he said.

Cr Howe, who raised the issue in the first instance, praised the staff for taking a councillor's idea and converting it into a rational preliminary report.

Cr Howe pointed out nose-in parking may be better for the vision impaired, referring to a "blind walk" that he and his fellow elected officials took part in along Prince St when he hit his shins on a car's tow-ball.

He said councillors should not make decisions based on preliminary cost estimates, which may prove inaccurate.

He also said the staff should see if the State Government would fund part of the cost.

While the majority won the vote Tuesday for staff to do a more formal report into the change, the decision will still need to be ratified at the full council meeting in Maclean on Tuesday.

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