ON TOP: Navrin Redman gets side control of his opponent.
ON TOP: Navrin Redman gets side control of his opponent.

Clarence BJJ dojos do well in Brisbane Championships

A SLAP in the face is all Navrin Redman needs to fire up and roll his bigger opponents.

Navrin trains with Yamba BJJ, who took a team to the Brisbane Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships last weekend.

Navrin, 7, is used to sparring against older brother Thomas Redman, so he had no trouble competing in the under 25kg despite being about 5kg lighter.

He picked up a silver in the Gi (uniform) and NoGi.

"In my gold medal match win I got my opponent in a submission," Navrin said.

"I got him in a rear naked choke. It was easy."

Brother Thomas went on to win two silvers in the under 31kg Gi and NoGi.

They both thanked coach Nathan Rheinberger  and their supporters.

Yamba BJJ coach Rheinberger said his dojo took six kids up to the tournament.

"We ended up with 15 medals, four of them gold," Rheinberger said." I am extremely happy with their performance. All the kids did their best and carried themselves in a sportsmanlike manner."

Rheinberger himself competed in the under 79kg.

Rival Valentin Fells of Sydney got the better of him again in the finals.

"I got beaten at the last two comps we competed in," Rheinberger said.

"Fells changed his game plan. He played a slower controlled game, which was not what I was expecting.

"Last time he was a bit more open and played a rushed game."

The tournament was held in Suncorp Stadium.


GRACIE Shark Grafton came away from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brisbane Championships with seven medals.

Coach Josh Porth said he only opened up his dojo a few months ago, so was happy with how his team performed.

White belt holder Corbin Robertson, 24, won gold in his weight class with GI (uniform). Robertson, who had his third tournament, dominated his opponent in that category. Robertson used his own GI to choke out his opponent.

"He tried to roll away but it was all done," Porth said.

Porth, who came away with three silver medals, said it was more satisfying to see his students do well.

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