Clarence switches onto solar power

THE technology may have been around for decades but solar hot water systems have only just hit the big time.

Home owners across the Valley are making the switch to solar in droves, enticed by handsome government rebates and lower power bills.

Murray Kirk, of Solahart Grafton, has been selling solar hot water systems in the Valley for 22 years.

In that time he's seen the industry grow from underground to mainstream.

“Business has been good for us,” Mr Kirk said.

“The majority of people changing are retired people wishing to off-set their increasing power bills, and lots of families.”

But it's not just energy-saving that is driving the change.

Around $3700 worth of State and Federal rebates are on offer to Valley residents to replace old electric cylinders with solar.

“That certainly has made it much more readily available for people to change,” Mr Kirk said.

He said the combined rebates basically paid for the solar system, so the only real cost was installation. “You're basically getting it for free,” he said.

The NSW rebate was due to run out in June, but Mr Kirk said it looked like it would be extended.

“They're giving a strong indication that it will continue,” Mr Kirk said.

  •  Federal Renewable Energy Certificate - around $1305.
  •  NSW hot water rebate - $800.
  •  Federal hot water rebate- $1600.

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