Northern Rivers committee investigates transport solutions

TRANSPORT in the Clarence Valley can be a nightmare, but a report being drawn up to identify potential solutions is looking for community submissions.

Alex Lewers who is the Transport Development Officer for the Northern Rivers Social Development Council, or NRSDC, are has organised committees across the area to help find solutions.

The Clarence Valley Transport Committee, which includes members of Council, representatives from local public transport companies and community members, have met to discuss infrastructure ideas for the Clarence Valley.

"The group has looked at identifying infrastructure projects, improving cycle ways, we're looking at potential new roofs and addressing timetabling issues," chairman of the committee Mr Lewers said.

The NRSDC has put together a submission form so members of the public can suggest ideas to improve transport infrastructure.

"We've set up the survey for submissions, to get peoples feedback on the issues they are seeing," Mr Lewers said.

The feedback from submissions will be given to Transport NSW for them to make a decision on after submissions close at the end of May.

"Transport is one of those things that is really important to the way we live our lives,

"A good public transport system allows everyone to access the things we want to access and the places they want to go," Mr Lewers said.

While they haven't received many submissions yet, the NRSDC are hopeful the community will be responsive.

"The purpose of this report is to look, to ask the community if there are issues affecting themselves in their life and if they have potential solutions," Mr Lewers said

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