Think this is a heatwave? You ain't seen nothin' yet

THERE'S little doubt the Clarence Valley is going to be hotter than a habanero chilli in a sauna over the next week, but can we call it a heatwave?

Not according to Weatherzone meteorologist Kim Westcott.

A heatwave is technically defined by three or more days of unusually high maximum and minimum temperatures in any area.

Ms Westcott said that despite some uncomfortable highs over the next six days, forecast low temperatures of about 20 degrees meant the Clarence Valley would not technically meet the requirements for a heatwave.

Starting today with a top of 37 degrees, Grafton's day-time temperatures are not expected to dip below 30 until Thursday.

Monday is forecast to be the most uncomfortable for Graftonians, with a top of 39 degrees and a possible late shower.

"Each day it looks like there could be a shower or thunderstorm, so people will be waiting for those clouds to come through because it will cool things down," Ms Westcott said.

"It is going to be a struggle for a lot of people during this heatwave - particularly the elderly, young, pets and wildlife so we are looking at some pretty awful conditions.

"There's not a lot of wind around to bring cooling either."

When the sun goes down, however, temperatures will drop just enough to provide some relief from the heat throughout nights and into mornings.

"The hardest days overnight will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday," Ms Westcott said.

In Yamba, things are looking slightly more forgiving, with a top of 29 tomorrow and a top of 28 on Sunday.

Showers and a possible thunderstorm are also forecast for tomorrow.

"Closer towards the coast is going to be a lot better," Ms Wescott said.

"Around Yamba in particular there will be onshore winds (coming from the north-east) every day, so even though top temperatures will be around the low 30s it's going to be quite humid.

"Thunderstorms going to add to the humidity, which means that while the day-time won't be as hot, overnight temperatures will be quite high."

Monday and Tuesday will be 31-32 degrees with showers forecast each day.

By Thursday, Yamba is cooling to a top of 26 degrees.

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