The coverage of NBN service currently available (purple) according to NBN Co on 5th May, 2019.
The coverage of NBN service currently available (purple) according to NBN Co on 5th May, 2019. National Broadband Network

Clarence Valley slapped with more NBN delays

THERE may be a case of internet envy across the Clarence Valley as the rollout of the National Broadband Network continues.

While some parts of the Clarence, including areas in Grafton, Yamba and Maclean, have the NBN connected, for some residents there may be more of a wait.

The expected build date for South Grafton has blown out to January 2020, while in some areas such as Yamba and Townsend, even though the area is listed as build completed in April 2019, there are stumbling blocks.

Some of these areas are marked with "more work to be completed”, with expected connection dates of April 2020 in Townsend, and September 2020.

Head of NBN local NSW Amber Dornbusch said that due to caretaker conventions in place due to the federal election, NBN had not proactively released statements about areas going live.

"The rollout of the NBN broadband access network is now well progressed across the Clarence Valley with around three in four homes and businesses now able to connect,” she said.

With 9500 premises recently made ready to connect, work continues around South Grafton, Waterview Heights and Iluka (reaching a further 6000 premises) to switch on the network in the next few months.

Where the network has been switched on in Grafton, Maclean, Gulmarrad, Townsend and Yamba, some premises may need further work before being able to place an order with their preferred retail service provider.

"These premises will progressively switch on as work progresses, and we encourage residents and businesses to check back periodically to our website at”

They should also keep an eye out for a letter from NBN advising they are ready to connect and get in touch with their retail service provider to find out more.

Ms Dornbusch said making the switch was not automatic and encouraged residents and business owners to contact their preferred phone and internet provider to discuss the right speed plan and to place an order.

"There are more than 150 phone and internet providers that sell retail plans over the NBN access network,” she said. "Visit NBN Co's website to find out which providers are available in your area, and to find out more about making the switch.

"The 9500 are all the premises now able to connect - so we switch on the network the threshold of 80 per cent in that area, so that people aren't waiting, and keep working on the networking that aren't able to connect when they first switch on - and progressively switch them on.”

Click here to find out when your address is scheduled to be able to access the NBN network.

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