Clarence Valley's best plumbers are...

Tye Bannerman and Ryan Binge were the winners of the Daily Examiner's Facebook poll for the best plumbers in the Clarence Valley.
Tye Bannerman and Ryan Binge were the winners of the Daily Examiner's Facebook poll for the best plumbers in the Clarence Valley. Adam Hourigan

WHEN you're digging trenches and laying pipes in the hot sun, it makes work easier knowing you've got a mate right there next to you.

For the past three years, that's been the case for B&B Plumbing owners and operators Tye Bannerman and Ryan Binge, who have topped The Daily Examiners Facebook poll for favourite Clarence Valley Plumbers.

Between them the pair have more than 20 years of experience, and the pair had always talked about one day going into business together.

"We both did our apprenticeships in Maclean, and we've been mates for a long time," Mr Bannerman said.

"We used to work together here for different people but both went our separate ways. I went over to the mines in Western Australia for a few years and Ryan went down to Cessnock.

"We had been talking about this business for a long time, years and years, and when we came back to the area it was hard to find work to start with, so we thought we'd give it a go ourselves, and we've been fortunate enough to make it work."

Mr Binge said getting the business off the ground was the hardest part, but three years on things were going well.

"At the start we had to travel a lot, which wasn't great," he said.

"Since then it all started rolling from there. We've been getting a bit more work locally around Maclean, so there's less travelling which has been good. We like to work locally, we're both locals so it's good to be able to work in the area."

Mr Binge said he loves the variety of work he does with B&B Plumbing.

"Everyone thinks we play with toilets all day, but we do a wide variety of work," he said.

"We aren't doing the same thing every day, and it's everything from solar hot water to laying pipes. We do all sorts of stuff, and we're always doing something different at different job sites, which is good."

Mr Bannerman said it was satisfying the two of them could find some success in their own business.

"The business has been going well, so hopefully it will continue that way and we can start to look at putting on some more people in the future," he said.

"The most rewarding part is proving to yourself and other people that you can run a business and be successful. The paperwork and after-hours stuff is the hardest, I'd much rather be digging that doing paperwork."

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