Class of 1952 reunion brings people from all over

Friends Joyce Betts and Phyllis Clout talk about the 65th reunion of the 1952 class of Grafton High School.
Friends Joyce Betts and Phyllis Clout talk about the 65th reunion of the 1952 class of Grafton High School. Caitlan Charles

PHYLLIS Clout and Joyce Betts met 68 years ago and have been friends ever since, but that wasn't the anniversary they were celebrating this week.

Sixty-five years ago, Mrs Clout, nee Gower, and Mrs Betts, nee Royal, graduated from Grafton High School after completing their 'intermediate' year and ex-students came from far and wide to be apart of the reunion.

"Over the years, a lot of people have left Grafton but a lot have also stayed, but out class had a unique bond and I've always given the credit to that to the man who was our class teacher in high school, he was also our maths teacher and his wife was our history teacher," Mrs Clout said.

"They I think gave us some bonding, and we still have contact with him and he's 92... he still wants to know what's going on with everybody."


In 1982, the class had their first reunion when Mrs Betts, who also goes by 'Tiny', was still living in Sydney.

"We were laughing (at the reunion) because John Robinson who lives in Tamworth now, at that particular reunion, he said 'I have five people I have to thank for organising this reunion... I want to thank Neil for doing what he did, Col for doing what he did, and Joyce and Royal and Tiny'," she laughed.

"We had another reunion in 1992... we had a big turn out for that one, it's got a little less every year because a few have fallen off the tree, and 2002, 2012 was the Grafton centenary so we combined our reunion with that.

"A group of us still meet once a month at what used to be the Coffee House but it's now called The Flame Tree."

On Wednesday, the class of 1952 met for a morning tea at Mrs Betts house before moving to Roches Family Hotel for lunch and it was 'wonderful' according to the friends.

"Our class is unique in the fact that after 65 years there are a group of us who are still on the perch that get together," Mrs Betts said.

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