Democratic Labour Party candidate for Blair John Quinn.
Democratic Labour Party candidate for Blair John Quinn. Hayden Johnson

Clear blue sky 'proves' climate change isn't real: Candidate

A PRO-life party fighting against communism and the notion of climate change has returned from the brink of collapse to challenge in Ipswich.

The Democratic Labour Party, which split from the Labor Party in 1955, last held a parliamentary seat in 1974.

John Quinn hopes the party will again return to its power-wielding position of the Menzies and Whitlam era.

"We are a pro-life, pro-traditional family values party," Mr Quinn said.

He said the Democratic Labour Party would fight against same-sex marriage, despite it being legalised, and abortion.

"Adoption is a far better option than abortion and abortion is for ever," Mr Quinn said.

"The child then goes to a good home and, you never know, in 20 years time, they (the parent) could be reunited with their child."

Mr Quinn stipulated adoption should be to a mother and a father.

The candidate said children must have a mother and a father and claims otherwise would take "20 years to prove".

In 2017, a Medical Journal of Australia study over three decades revealed children raised in same-sex families did as well emotionally, socially and educationally as children raised by traditional parents.

Mr Quinn said the party was sceptical of climate change and said Australia was not affected by it.

"We don't have a problem here, look at the blue sky outside," he said.

"There's no brown soot in the air, it's clear."

The party lists economic management as one of its core policies and says its centrist approach puts the party between Labor and the Liberals.

"We're a bit like Joh (Bjelke-Petersen) was," Mr Quinn said.

"We believe there is a role for the government to play in the economy.

"The Liberals are 'outsource your grandmother' type of people, Labor goes the other way."

The party wants a guaranteed supply of energy and more money given to the states to improve and expand their dental hospital system.

Mr Quinn also took aim at the Greens.

"The party of the Greens has been taken over by what was left of the Australian Communists Party and the Socialist Party," he said.

"When those parties closed, they didn't evaporate into the ether, they packed their bags and moved into the Greens."

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