Climate change leaves bad taste in mouths

TASTELESS carrots, bad pizza dough and poor quality steak are some of the impacts we can expect from Australia's changing climate, according to a new scientific study released.

Appetite for Change, a report prepared by leading climate scientists David Karoly and Richard Eckard at the University of Melbourne, reveals the impact that shifting rainfall patterns, extreme weather, warming oceans, and climate related diseases will have on the production, quality and cost of Australia's food in the future.

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From wheat, seafood and dairy products to poultry, meat, grains, and fruit and vegetables, the effects of global warming on a list of fifty five household food items has been compiled for the very first time.

"It's definitely a wake up call when you hear that the toast and raspberry jam you have for breakfast, for example, might not be as readily available in 50 years time," said Associate Professor Richard Eckard from the University of Melbourne.

"Or that there may be changes to the cost and taste of food items we love and take for granted like avocado and vegemite, spaghetti bolognaise and even beer, wine and chocolate.

"It makes you appreciate that global warming is not a distant phenomenon but a very real occurrence that is already affecting the things we enjoy in our everyday lives."

Anna Rose, National Manager of Earth Hour Australia said the report highlighted the vulnerability of Australian farmers and the food they produce.

"Aussies are proud of our farmers for feeding the nation but they are on the frontline of global warming and are already feeling the effects ," she said.

Full report:

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