Climbing Beerwah
Climbing Beerwah

Climbing Beerwah: a poem of victory

Nervous wees were had by the car;
Looking up at Beerwah's summit, realising it was so far.
A real toilet was spotted all too late;
By this stage, we were committed to our fate.

Swearing escalated with the incline;
Bridge wished she had stayed home to drink wine.
Bryce encouraged and physically pushed the girls up;
Many times brains were screaming, "Nup!"

Bridge did not want to be the second Muir to fail;
And used self talk, coercing herself not to bail.
News crews and the the paper recorded an attempt by her brother;
And today's mission was not at all mentioned to the mother.

Finally, we made it two thirds in;
Bats were spotted in the dim.
A cave exploration was an incredible highlight;
The baby bats creating much awe and delight.

The final section was an easy climb;
Summiting Beerwah in absolutely no time.
Celebratory ciders certainly hit the spot;
And then the temperature became very hot.

Photos were taken to say we were there;
Bryce enjoyed devouring a juicy pear.
A tree was adorned in Christmas decoration;
Our little group was met by summiting climbers with joy and elation.

Slipping and sliding on our butts down the mountain;
Rocks seeped spring water like a fountain.
Our sweat smelt like a mix between cider and BO;
Bodies were filthy from head to toe.

Returning to our cars we found notes from the police;
Reminding us to secure our valuables or be sure of criminal release.

Beers for Beerwah will be drunk on Ocean Street tonight;
Friends are most welcome to share in the delight.
The Noosa National Park trail will be completed early Saturday;
No mountains. Save that for a latter day

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