Clive Palmer at a press conference.
Clive Palmer at a press conference. Brett Wortman

Clive says he won't take part in carbon tax repeal vote

THE man with a multi-million dollar carbon tax bill, Clive Palmer MP, has said he will abstain from the vote to repeal the tax.

Mr Palmer said in a statement on Wednesday he would not vote to repeal the tax, despite the Palmer United Party's stated opposition to it.

He said his abstinence was to "avoid a potential conflict of interest".

The statement came after Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Tuesday said Mr Palmer, along with any other company that owed money under the tax, would have to pay the bills.

The miner and hotelier currently owes the Australian Tax Office about $6.2 million in unpaid carbon tax bills.

Mr Abbott said despite the government's plans to repeal the tax, any revenue owed to the tax office would need to be paid.

Mr Palmer said he was applying "company director standards" and stepping out of the debate due to the potential conflict.

"If this carbon tax issue is still not resolved by the time the Palmer United Party senators-elect take their place in the parliament next July, then they'll deal with it,".

"They do not have a conflict of interest."

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