Close finish in double barrel

SIX squads of members and visitors attended the Grafton Clay Target Club monthly March shoot under fine conditions with light cloud and variable wind conditions.

We were pleased to welcome visitors from as far away as Albury, Junee, Kempsey and Guyra.

The club needed to open up its third layout which is a rarity at a normal monthly club shoot.

Main event of the day was the 50 target Double Barrel Club Championship. To win a Club Double Barrel Championship is the ambition of every clay target shooter.

At the end of the 50 targets Steve Kilfoyle (Grafton) and Jamie Beddoes (Richmond River) were the only two to come in with a clean 50/50, but there were many who came close and all shoot-offs to determine grade places were keenly contested. It took another 35 targets before Jamie dropped his target and Steve was able to take home the purple sash.

Jamie was not disgraced however. He was using a borrowed gun from his father and in shooting 85 targets straight gained his first 50 and 75 Break Badges. Rumour has it that Jamie’s father is now looking for another gun for himself.

High Gun winner for the day was John Reid from the Guyra Club who only dropped 3 points for the day winning the coveted mug with a score of 147/150.

Next month our competition shoot day will be on the second Sunday (April 10) at 10am with practice beforehand. Main event will be the Single Barrel Club Championship. There will also be practise shooting on the fourth Friday of March (March 25) at 4pm, weather permitting.

If you wish to talk to an accredited firearms safety and training officer, call 6642 4636 or visit our club on the second Sunday of any month.


Event 1.25tgt Double Barrel - CD

AA 1st J Cunningham 25/25, 2nd R Moody, G Sweeney, R Reeves, D Caldwell 24/25.

A 1st B Cameron, J Reid, B Sweeney, G Pinner 25/25.

B 1st L Doyle 25/25, 2nd R Green, P Caldwell, G Hartmann, R Wesslink, N Davis, D Short 24/25.

C 1st R Gardiner, P Ryder, D Bodley, B Pitman 22/25.

Event 2.50tgt Double Barrel Club Championship.

Overalls Kilfoyle 85/85

AA 1st S Kilfoyle 85/85, 2nd G Sweeney 49/50.

A 1st G Pinner 60/61, 2nd B Sweeney 59/61.

B 1st J Beddoes 84/85, 2nd D Milligan 52/53.

C 1st B Pitman 45/50, 2nd P Ryder 53/59.

Event 3.25tgt Continental Pointscore – CD.

AA 1st S Kilfoyle 74/75, 2nd R Moody, J Cunningham 73/75.

A 1st J Reid 75/75, 2nd S Saul 72/75.

B 1st D Short 74/75, 2nd R Green 67/75.

C 1st D Bodley 70/75, 2nd D Smith 69/75.

High Gun: J Reid 147/150

Dry weather here to say

premium_icon Dry weather here to say

'Over the weekend, it looks like it's going to get quite windy'

RFS to contain Ramornie fire before the wind hits

RFS to contain Ramornie fire before the wind hits

Ramornie fire could grow with winds expected this afternoon

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Man arrested in Adelaide over Grafton jail inmate death

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