Teen raped friend, took photos while she slept

A TEEN used the trust he'd gained from a long-term friendship to rape a girl while she slept in her own home. 

The boy - who was aged 17 at the time - was invited to the then 16-year-old girl's Currimundi home for a sleepover in March last year.

The pair slept next to each other in the lounge room on a double mattress with separate blankets.

In the early hours of the morning the teen - who can't be named - put two fingers inside the girl's vagina while she was sleeping.

She woke and said, "what the f--- are you doing?" before falling back asleep.

Undeterred, he then pulled the girl's underwear to the side and took photos of her genitals.

The flash from the camera woke her up again and her abuser quickly left.

By 10am that day, the teenage boy was being questioned by police and made full admissions.

He yesterday pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to single counts of rape and recordings in breach of privacy of the genital region.

Although the teen was 17 at the time of the offence, he was sentenced as an adult.

The court heard the pair had been friends for six or seven years and met when his family had moved from South Africa to Australia.

The teen had also hoped to become a police officer upon graduating Year 12, but now had to consider doing a trade instead.

Judge John Robertson sentenced the teen to 12 months' imprisonment for the rape, suspended immediately for 18 months and 18 months' probation for taking the photos.

No convictions were recorded.

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