Coke lovers' outrage at pizza maker's Pepsi decision

Pizza at Domino's.
Pizza at Domino's. Crystal Jones

DOMINO'S customers have taken to Facebook to tell the company their thoughts on the change from Coke to Pepsi.

Liam Wilson posted to the page abvout 5pm yesterday to express his disgust at the decision.


the fact that you've changed your drink selection from coke to pepsi not only disappoints me but sickens me. Quite obviously you do not understand how much your pizza needs to be combined with coke to get that quality satisfaction and pepsi does not and will not cut it. Whoever the peanut was that decided that this was a good choice should be fired immediately. Wake up to yourselves."

Over 14,000 people have liked or loved or laughed at the post and 2,932 comment replies have put up, including a response from Dominoes Australia.

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"Our fellow Pizza lovers,

Thank you for your comments. Domino's have conducted extensive customer testing, including online, and found customers were hungry for a wider range of drink options. Last month, we were excited to expand our drinks range through a new, long-term partnership with Schweppes Australia, ranging Pepsi brands.

This new drinks range means are able to offer our customers a wider variety of drink options to go with your favourite Domino's order. These include Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Sunkist, Solo, 7UP, Mountain Dew, as well as Cool Ridge water and our own range of all-natural, sugar free drinks with Nexba's Next Gen range. We will continue to have great deals for meals, including pizzas, sides and drinks, for every occasion.


Domino's Australia"

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