BEAN COUNTERS: Results from the Toast Espresso poll.
BEAN COUNTERS: Results from the Toast Espresso poll.

Come Sunday, who will be has-beans in Page?

KEVIN Rudd and Tony Abbott will no doubt keep a close eye on the electorate of Page this Saturday to see if the key bellwether seat continues to live up to its reputation as an indicator of government.

Since Page was formed in 1984, the party that wins it has gone on to win eight of the past 10 elections, making the seat one of intense national interest during a federal election.

In 2010, sitting Labor MP Janelle Saffin enjoyed a 4.2% margin over Nationals candidate Kevin Hogan but, with speculation and informal polling in favour of an overall Coalition win, the 2013 election may be a real test for Page's bellwether status.

With just one sleep to go before voters decide the fate of our nation, we thought it was time to check back in with our own informal polls to see what they are saying about the electorate of Page.

Each time they order, coffee drinkers at Grafton's Toast Espresso have been plopping a bean into the cup representing the party they intend to vote for.

The results are in and you might be surprised by what the beans are predicting for Page.

Toast Espresso's Judy Hackett said, after adjusting the labels to include the names of the candidates as well as the party name, the results had changed dramatically.

"Many people didn't know which parties the candidates belonged to," Mrs Hackett said.

"So we changed the question and we came up with a completely different answer."

Earlier this year The Daily Examiner looked at how Page candidates were using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

With more than 11 million registered accounts in Australia, Facebook is too big to ignore when it comes to politics.

Likewise, Twitter has rapidly evolved to become a social media heavyweight.

Back in March when we first checked in to see how Page MP Janelle Saffin and Nationals hopeful Kevin Hogan were using social media, Ms Saffin was in the lead with 367 fans on Facebook and 1232 followers on Twitter. Fast forward to this week, a few days from polling day, and Ms Saffin's social proof has skyrocketed to 4323 fans on Facebook, and 1898 on Twitter.

Meanwhile Mr Hogan, who started out with just 82 Facebook fans is now sitting at a more respectable 1447.

As for the other Page candidates their social numbers are provided in our exclusive pollie graph below.

Whether or not any of these numbers will tell the fortune for Page - and perhaps the nation - only time will tell.

And here's what the Toast coffee beans said, according to Judy Hackett:

 The Greens' Desley Banks streaked ahead, doubling her vote this week so there are now only three beans between the first three contenders.

 Kevin Hogan plummeted but is hanging in there by two beans buoyed by last week's federal vote help.

 Labor's Janelle Saffin is riding higher on local popularity (without the federal baggage).

 The toast afternoon tea party took a beating too, which is just as well because we are not running for a seat…(but we are still winning!)

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