COMMENT: No excuse for speed on roads

IN OUR continuing campaign on road safety, in today's DEX we show some of the worst excuses given to police for speeding.

I have to admit, that while I consider myself on the straight and narrow for most things, I've been booked for speeding three times.

And the last time I was booked in a 50 zone, I swear I saw the 100 sign.

Travelling back from Lismore, new-born baby in the car just out of hospital for the first time, I travelled the winding Wyrallah Rd from Lismore, and dutifully sat just on 80kmh as per the signs.

Sadly, the locals don't share my attention to the road rules, and for the first section, they dived past me, over double yellow lines, around blind corners, just to gain that little bit of time.

I came to the 50 zone at Wyrallah, slowed down again, and rolled through the village.

Thinking I've seen the 100 sign, I speed up and continue down the road.

Suddenly the lights flash, and I'm pulled over looking up at a police officer who was sitting inside where the actual 100 sign is placed.

I've been recorded as doing 79 in a 50 zone. Some points, and a decent fine. But it's January 26 - double demerits. One more click over, and my licence is gone.

And I make the excuse. He nods. He's heard it all before.

Because it doesn't matter. That extra speed is an extra 34 metres of braking distance on the road, and while nothing happened on that day, it would only take one object, one animal, or God forbid, one person to step out unexpectedly, and suddenly none of the excuses would matter.

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