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COMMENT: Tragic losses hard to bear

TWO tragic stories of young lives cut short fill our paper today. One five years ago, and one this week.

The bravery of the Marshall family to tell the story of their beloved daughter's fatal crash on Yamba Road many years ago is one that has taken years for them to tell.

The words are heartfelt, and said with a hope that noone has to endure what they did. If their words of warning get through to one person, young or old, and save them and their family from loss, their words will mean a legacy for Alissa greater than she already left.

It is already ongoing with her namesake's charity project again raising $10,000 for those less fortunate in Cambodia, and kudos goes to the people of the Lower Clarence who support a cause close to her heart.

Of course, no suitable words can be found for the family of the missing 16-year-old girl found in Yamba yesterday.

The sudden loss of a family member, especially at this time of year will be a loss hard to bear, and we can hope that the support shown by the community in the past few days provides a small amount of solace in a difficult time.

At this time of year, where the coming together of family can often be fraught with trivial squabbles, misunderstandings and general malais, it should be a time we come together, grateful for what we have.

To all those who have lost people they love, our hearts go out to you.

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