Martin Crescent Christmas Lights

Complete guide to Clarence Valley's best Christmas lights

WANT to take the kids to see the Christmas lights but don't know where to find them?

Don't worry, there's no need to go on a wild goose chase. We've done the hard work for you with interactive maps showing you exactly where to find the best displays in Grafton, Maclean, Townsend and Yamba, saving any anxiety about missing out on the best the Clarence Valley has to offer.

>> What's the best way to see the lights? By horse of course

Each of the maps have been designed with a recommended order for your convenience and can be used as your own virtual tour.

Grafton has turned it on the festive cheer in 2016 with a host of fantastic displays and well worth the tour.



And here's a tip ... don't be fooled into thinking you can skip Junction Hill because it's too far out of the way. The displays in Martin Crescent are more than worth the drive and could well be the most spectacular displays in the Clarence Valley.

The displays at both ends of Turf St are also not to be missed.

Residents in the Lower Clarence have also gone all out this year.

Whole neighbourhoods in Plater Crescent and Potaroo Place in Townsend have put together a stunning array of light and colour.



Meanwhile Pam and Peter Munro's winter wonderland at South Arm Road, Maclean is a favourite for the kids.


And finally, Yamba also has a selection of dazzling displays


Whole streets have gotten into the festive spirit and decided to deck their houses out in bright and colourful displays that would entertain all who go for a drive.


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