Complete list of Highland Gathering winners

LAUNCH: Caber Tossing final at the 113th Maclean Highland Gathering at Maclean Showground on Saturday .
LAUNCH: Caber Tossing final at the 113th Maclean Highland Gathering at Maclean Showground on Saturday . Debrah Novak


At Maclean Showground, April 15

Men Putting the Stone

1st: Jamie Muscat; 2nd: Will Edgar; 3rd: Rodney Watson

Men Hammer

1st: Jamie Muscat; 2nd: Brendan; 3rd: Will Edgar

Men Caber Toss

1st: Jamie Muscat; 2nd: Will Edgar; 3rd: Anthony Young

Men Farmers Walk

1st: Will Edgar; 2nd: Andrew Attwatter; 3rd: Brendon Gibson

Men Log Wrestle

1st: Rodney Watson; 2nd: Will Edgar; 3rd: Anthony Young

Ladies Haggis Hurl

1st: Audrey Tomson; 2nd: Amy Essex; 3rd: Cass Poole

Ladies Putting The Stone

1st: Alyssa Luland; 2nd: Audrey Tomson; 3rd: Chloe Bryant

Ladies Farmers Walk

1st: Alyssa Luland; 2nd: Katie; 3rd: Chloe Bryant

Ladies Caber Toss

1st: Audrey Thomas; 2nd: Cath Squire; 3rd: Michelle Tunks

Boys 2 to 5 Years

1st: Kai Gar; 2nd: Louis Whiteburn ;3rd: Josh Fishy

Girls 2 to 5 years

1st: Sophie Young; 2nd: Alana Jones; 3rd: Niamh McLeod

Boys 6 to10 years

1st: Jeremy Shepher; 2nd: Ethan Moore; 3rd: Tristan Kirby

Girls 6 to 10 years

1st: Ava Whiley; 2nd: Zahli Carmichael; 3rd: Lara Roach

Boys 11 to 15 years

1st: Michael Luxton; 2nd: Jackson Collins; 3rd: Lachlan Neuendorf

Girls 11 to 15 years

1st: Sienna Dixon; 2nd: Shona McFarland; 3rd: Georgie Hackett

Mens Kilted Dash

1st: Karl; 2nd: Andrew Attwater; 3rd: Flynn

Ladies Kilted Dash 16 years and under

William (Cooper) Wallace Memorial sponsored by Ellen Kuehne

1st: Alyssa Luland; 2nd: Katie Moy; 3rd: Chloe Bryant

Men's overall Champion - Will Edgar

Ladies' overall Champion - Alyssa Luland


Open (A) Snare - 2/4 March/Strathspey/Reel

Alvin Green Memorial

1st: Gregory Weber

2nd: Brady Swann

3rd: Simon Want

Open (A) Snare - Hornpipe & Jig Trophy

1st: Gregory Weber; 2nd: Simon Want; 3rd: Brady Swann

Champion McGill Trophy Open (A) Snare Drummer

Winner: Gregory Weber

Intermediate Snare

1st: Cameron Lawson; 2nd: Harrison Jones; 3rd: Alexander Mansfield

Intermediate Side

1st: William Gibson; 2nd: Nick Partridge; 3rd: Stephen Rodden

Intermediate Tenor

1st: Eliza Rogers; 2nd: Harrison Plaith; 3rd: Talia Simmers

Intermediate Bass

1st: Sebastian Lingane; 2nd: Leonard Weber; 3rd: Danielle Brady

Elementary Snare Heat 1

1st: Sam Kenny; 2nd: Oscar Schoenmaker; 3rd: Roy Williams

Elementary Snare Heat 2

1st: Thomas Winks; 2nd: Brie Anna Anderson; 3rd: Sarah Richardson

Elementary Snare Final

1st: Oscar Schoenmaker; 2nd: Thomas Winks; 3rd: Sarah Richardson

Elementary Tenor George Harper Memorial

1st: Andrew Thompson; 2nd: Lucy Ganley; 3rd: Zara Marshall

Elementary Bass

1st: Bruce Andrews; 2nd: Zac McKechnie; 3rd: Leah Mauch


1st: Stella Hibbett; 2nd: Lexie Shaw; 2nd: Greg Shaw


Open Piobaireachd (J.K. McKinnon Memorial)

1st: Robert Gibb; 2nd: David Marriner; 3rd: Mark McKenzie

Open March/Strathspey/Reel (Norman Finlayson MacSwan Memorial)

1st: Andrew Roach; 2nd: Jason Craig; 3rd: Robert Gibb

Open Hornpipe/Jig Ruby (McLeay) Davis Memorial)

1st: Andrew Roach; 2nd: Jason Craig; 3rd: Mark McKenzie

Open Air (Charlie McInnes Memorial)

1st: Jason Craig; 2nd: Andrew Roach; 3rd: Mark McKenzie

Maclean Champion Gold Medal Open Piper (McSwan Memorial)

Gold Medal Winner: Andrew Roach; Silver Medal Winner: Jason Craig; Bronze Medal Winner: Robert Gibb

Restricted Piobairechd (Dr. H.W.Charlton Memorial)

1st: Jordan Simmers

2nd: Owen Capon

3rd: Jim Stuart

"Mrs MacSwan" (Donald MacSwan Memorial)

1st: Jason Craig; 2nd: David Greenhalgh; 3rd: Dennis Browning

Special Age Restricted (Lachlan McCabe Memorial)

Winner: Henry Hulbert

March/Strathspey/Reel (Charlie McKinnon Memorial)

1st: Alister Smith; 2nd: Sam Creed; 3rd: Ben Morris

Hornpipe/Jig (John & Maggie Wallace Memorial)

1st: Ben Morris; 2nd: Mitchell Durham; 3rd: Sam Creed

Maclean Champion Intermediate Piper (Alastair MacSween Memorial)

Winner: Ben Morris

March/Strathspey/Reel (Alex & Mary Wallace Memorial)

1st: Austin Manchadi; 2nd: Henry Hulbert; 3rd: Matthew Rutley

Jig (Mary McPherson Memorial)

1st: Laurence Nicol; 2nd: Tom Hulbert; 3rd: Aaron Gray

Maclean Champion Sub-Intermediate Piper (Mary Catherine MacKenzie McPherson Memorial)

Winner: Austin ManchadI

March Heat No.1 (O'Halloran Encouragement Medal)

1st: Angus Brien; 2nd: Bradley Bloom; 3rd: Catherine Herzig

March Heat No. 2 (O'Halloran Encouragement Medal)

1st: Aidan Scott; 2nd: Pat Roach; 3rd: Oliver Cordell

March Final (HD Eagleton Tophy)

1st: Aidan Scott; 2nd: Oliver Cordell; 3rd: Pat Roach

Air Heat No.1 (O'Halloran Encouragement Medal)

1st: Angus Brien; 2nd: Chris Donaldson; 3rd: Oliver Cordell

Air Heat No. 2 (O'Halloran Encouragement Medal)

1st: Flynn Donaldson; 2nd: Catherine Herzig; 3rd: Daniel Breward

Air Final (Maud Douglas Memorial)

1st: Daniel Breward; 2nd: Oliver Cordell; 3rd: Flynn Donaldson

Maclean Champion Elementary Piper (Fred Douglas Memorial)

Winner: Oliver Cordell

A Learner Chanter (Peter Mathieson Memorial)

1st: Riley Donaldson; 2nd:Jayden McArthur; 3rd: Luke Moloney

Veterans 55 years and Over

1st: Owen Capon; 2nd: Jim Stuart; 3rd: Bruce Fraser



Roweena Innes (Highland House) Memorial

1st: Brisbane Boys College 117.5; 2nd: Scots PGC No.1 109; 3rd: Qld Police 102.5


March tune

1st: QLD Police Juvenile 106.5; 2nd: Grafton 102

Clan McLennan Memorial

1st: Brisbane Boys College 327.5

2nd: BBC Old Collegians 314

3rd: Maclean & District 312.5

4th: Murrumba 294

Best dressed band

Brisbane Boys College No. 1

Ensemble contest


Brisbane Boys College No. 1

Best drum corp

"Errol Irons Memorial"

BBC Old Collegians


Janet Susan McLeay Memorial

1st: Emmanuel College Highlanders 321

2nd: Greater Springfield 308.5

3rd: Wynnum RSL 288

Best dressed band

Greater Springfield

Band enemble contest

Dave Williamson Memorial Trophy sponsored by the Bellinger River District Pipe Band

Emmanuel College Highlanders


Neil Wallace Memorial

1st: The Pipe Band Club 358.5

2nd: St Andrews 336.5

Best dressed band

The Pipe Band Club


Maclean Street March

1st: Armidale

2nd: Brisbane Boys College

3rd: Grafton


Past Chief's Memorial Contest


1st Dominic Anderson Strudwick


1st Izaak Dave


Proudly Sponsored by the McSwan Families

Bronze Robert Gibb; Silver Jason Craig

GOLD Andrew Roach


Alastair MacSween Memorial Trophy

Ben Morris


"Mary Catherine MacKenzie MacPherson Memorial Trophy '

Austin Manchadi


Fred Douglas Memorial Trophy

"Proudly Sponsored by the Dougal's Family"

Oliver Cordell


"Proudly Sponsored by the McGill families

Gregory Weber

2017 HIGHLAND GAMES SENIOR MEN'S CHAMPION sponsored by Skye Coffee lounge"

Will Edgar


Alyssa Luland


2017 open Andrew Baker scholarship award

Sponsored by Andrew Baker

Piper $500.00 - Hayley Whitehill

Trevor Essex memorial scholarship award

Sponsored by Home Timber and Hardware

Drummer $500 - Andrew Thompson

Clarence Valley Council scholarship award

Dancer $500 - Sian Roach

LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS sponsored by Clarence Valley Council

Piper $300 - Daniel Breward Drummer $300 - Cedar Rose Stirling

Dancer $300 - Skye Harrison

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