Concrete proof of bridge cancer

CLARENCE Valley builder George Oxenbridge has long suspected concrete cancer is eating the Grafton Bridge and now he believes he has the evidence to prove it.

Yesterday Mr Oxenbridge found some sizeable chunks of concrete masonry that had fallen from the road section of the bridge near the footpath on the southern approaches to the bridge.

One of the chunks he found measured 30cm by 10cm and contained rusted ends of metal reinforcement.

“That's concrete cancer,” Mr Oxenbridge said pointing to the rusted metal.

“The reinforcing rusts and pops the concrete off.”

Although worried about chunks of falling concrete plummeting onto the footpath or railway line, Mr Oxenbridge said there was a much bigger worry.

“Eventually the bridge could just fall into the river,” he said.

Finding someone to take responsibility for the bridge is another problem.

“You have a rail bridge with an RTA road span going over a river controlled by NSW Maritime on council land at either end that's covered by a heritage order,” he said.

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