Eunji Ban was killed on her way to work.
Eunji Ban was killed on her way to work.

Killer’s claim: ‘Your fault you walked this way’

A CONFESSED killer screamed "die, bitch, die" when he beat a Korean woman to death as she walked through a Brisbane park, a court has heard.

Alex Reuben McEwan has pleaded not guilty to murdering Eunji Ban in November 2013, but guilty to a lesser offence of manslaughter on mental health grounds.

McEwan's trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court has heard evidence of what he told police during a formal interview after the killing.

He told officers that he'd said to Ms Ban: "It's your fault you walked this way because you had to run into me" and then violently attacked her.

He also told her: "Die, bitch, die" when he strangled, stomped and punched her for what felt to him like "over a thousand times", the court was told.

McEwan's defence lawyer argues his schizophrenia left him unable to control himself when he killed Ms Ban.

"It was a f---ing demon, man," the accused told police.

"I killed her. Stomped her face in with my feet and my fist. Dragged her across the road.

"Can't believe I did that … I f---ed up."

Asked by police if he had a mental health diagnosis, he said: "No … that's the reason why this happened."

He also asked to see a photo of Ms Ban's battered body "for my personal relief", later claiming the request "wasn't for relief. It was to hurt myself."

He said he felt like a "different person" during the killing after leaving his family's inner-Brisbane unit early on November 24, 2013, to go "out to kill".

McEwan said he kept bashing Ms Ban as he dragged her upstairs to Wickham Park, near her Roma Street Parklands unit, because she was making "weird noises". He said he saw bubbles of blood coming from her face.

Ms Ban, 22, was found by a tree in the park with head injuries so severe she drowned in her own blood, the trial has heard.

She was walking to her cleaning job when she was attacked by McEwan, who was 19 at the time.

The trial continues.

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