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Consume wisely: Help planet, farmers and the poor

EVERYDAY choices have power. You are rich, super rich! You sit in the top percentiles of the world's wealth and resource consumption, simply because you reside in this country. Things that we take for granted are luxuries for most of the world - toilets, running water, food, shelter, all are scarce.

Every day we make choices that have impacts across the globe. With your immense power as a consumer, you have great responsibility. In our culture of convenience and economy, we are bathed in a sticky serum of perceived choices, all offering to solve problems that we never really had, all the while creating huge environmental damage the planet over.

This is due to the complexities of supply chains and the gross environmental destruction that is embedded in the manufacturing and distribution of the products we consume every day. I wanted to bring alternatives to Yamba so people had more options and could see that their choices matter.

EcoBag Media is a reusable plastic bag alternative; it is made from 70% post consumer recycled paper, 30% FCS timber, holds 10-12kg and lasts AGES!! The paper is made using hydroelectric power in New Zealand and the bag is Australian-made. EcoBag is your plan B. Bring your own bag when shopping!

Local businesses and groups sponsor the Ecobag, paying for the production of the bag (call Gina to sponsor). Any monies collected from the suggested 50c go back into making more bags. Your change makes change. Free from Spar on Plastic Free Wednesday, available at The Yamba Farmers Markets, outside Coles, The Corner Store, Soul Patterson Pharmacy and free from sponsors.

Boomerang Bags are another community initiative where community members sew bags for use when people forget their own bag, like a boomerang it comes back - available at Spar, The Nook, The Corner Store, The Yamba Farmer Markets. Contact Gina to get involved.

Everyone has a bum, but not everyone has a toilet - 40% of the world's population don't have access to a toilet. This is why Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of all their profits to WaterAid, a NFP that improves access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries.

For every roll of loo paper you use, you give someone access to a toilet for a week. Who Gives a Crap is soft and not like other enviro loo papers. It is available for $50 a box for 100% recycled paper or $56 for premium 100% bamboo love for your bum. No inks, dyes or chorines, nice and thick and good for the planet. Order from Gina.

The Yamba Farmers Markets are a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. There are nasty chemicals, high transport miles and farmer oppression embedded in most things you buy at the supermarket.

Ten years ago the Australian farmer got 90% of the profit, today they get 10%. Give your money directly to your farmer, the person who grew, loved and nurtured your food.

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