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Copmanhurst community demands answers

COPMANHURST want an answer from Australia Post as to why their postal service is gone, but their questions are falling on deaf ears.

One resident said it's ridiculous that no one is giving them answers.

"It's impacting us all, we've got to go 30km each way to Grafton to go and get mail,” he said. "I know some people it's 90km just to go and get a parcel.”

On Friday last week, the postal service in Copmanhurst stopped abruptly, leaving locals wondering what will happen with their mail in the future.

He said there had been lots of rumours going around town, but he didn't wish to hand someone out to dry.

At this point, the resident said he feels there is only one option - for Copmahurst to get letter boxes.

"Our mail is addressed to our home, and maybe we could get a collection point in the village like parcel lockers,” he said.

Residents now must pick their mail up from the Grafton Post Office, but there are many people who are unhappy with that solution.

"A solution to the issue would be nice, just to know what's going on,” the resident said.

"It closed last Friday and nothing has been done, no one can give us an answer.”

On the Copmanhurst News Facebook page, Del Williams ran a poll asking people is A - they would like to have mail to their home and pick up an occasional parcel from Grafton, or B - collect all mail from a business in the village daily or C - contributing to a co-op that keeps the resources and overhead to a minimum while delivering what the community needs and nothing more.

The result was very clear, with 41 residents picking option A, seven picking option B and only three people picking option C.

The issue has been discussed several times on the Facebook group over the past week, with residents resoundingly saying they just want to know what is happening.

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