Stathi Katsidis.
Stathi Katsidis. The Chronicle

Coroner rules out Katsidis inquest

THE family of Stathi Katsidis say they are fighting to reveal the truth about how the champion Toowoomba jockey died.

The Queensland Coroner’s office announced it would not hold an inquest into Katsidis’ death. He was found dead in his Brisbane home in October last year.

But Stathi’s brother, world-class boxer Michael, told The Chronicle the family had uncovered evidence, including text messages, that shed a different light on the final hours of the jockey’s life.

The family’s lawyer Damien Alroe, of Alroe and O’Sullivans, said he was contacted by the coroner’s office yesterday and invited to provide any new information that could result in an investigation being reopened.

He said he had personally seen the text messages in question and believed they were authentic.

“All the family are seeking is the truth and some closure. It’s very difficult for them to feel as though the truth hasn’t been told.”

Michael said the new information relating to Stathi’s death had been “tormenting” him for weeks.

“It’s affected my career and my family in a big way,” he said.

“My brother is dead, but we’re not looking for anyone to blame. We’re not a spiteful family.

“We just want closure. We want to know what happened.”

Meanwhile, Stathi’s mother Robyn has given notice that she will be applying to take control of her son’s estate and to have access to his financial records.

“We’re hoping that will give us some more information,” Mr Alroe said.

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