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Cosmetic labelling changes welcome

LABELLING of cosmetics is following the route taken by food products thanks to a recent federal ruling.

Now there will be an online database with a chemical assessment of each ingredient in cosmetics, and it is something Nutrimetics executive sales manager Debbie Bowling is very pleased about.

"In today's society people definitely want to know what is in their products and the move toward natural-based cosmetics seems to be more of a trend," she said.

"People like to be more informed about what they are exposing themselves to."

Up to now, the regulation of ingredients in cosmetics has been split between the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the National Industrial Chemicals Scheme (NICNAS), which has been confusing for consumers and a burden on industry.

This more transparent approach should eliminate that confusion.

For Debbie, who has been involved with Nutrimetics for more than two decades, one of the most interesting aspects of cosmetic production has been the move toward natural and organic ingredients.

"Nutrimetics was one of the very first Australian companies that exclusively used natural-based products," she said.

"I think it is amazing how the rest of the Australian cosmetics companies have caught up in the past decade.

"Everything is becoming much more natural and consumers have more of a choice."

The move toward the public database came following Janelle Saffin raising concerns about cosmetics ingredients, particularly those thought to be carcinogens.

A full public report for each chemical assessment is available on the NICNAS website

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