Council tipped to go wild over West Yamba

RESIDENTIAL development in West Yamba appears set to go ahead.

The Clarence Valley Council is expected to vote today to approve a change to the Local Environment Plan (LEP) covering west Yamba that would allow residential development capable of providing housing for between 2000-2500 people.

If approved, the 676 hectare site would allow for 106 hectares of urban residential development, 40.2 ha of rural residential development, 4.1 ha of special uses, 3.8 ha of open spaces, 449 ha of environmental protection, 30.9 ha for environmental buffers and 41.3 ha of national parks.

It is estimated the area could be broken up into between 1000 and 1100 lots of various sizes.

But even if approved today, the change in the LEP will not result in the immediate development of the area.

No building development can occur until the new Yamba sewerage scheme is operational. Also, individual development control plans need to be developed for the site and detailed flood planning and evacuation plans needs to be completed.

Most of the site would be zoned for environmental protection, with average lot sizes of about two hectares. However, they would be able to be developed as clusters, allowing for higher density housing but more expansive environmental protection areas.

Environmental group Valley Watch has fought rezoning proposals for years.

Its vice president Gary Whale said he was disappointed the LEP was likely to go ahead.

“I just hope council will not accept any further changes,” he said. “Developers have waged a very strong campaign and with this council has found strong support.”

At a glance
  •  Total area … 675.6 ha
  •  Urban residential … 106 ha
  •  Rural residential … 40.2ha
  •  Special uses … 4.1 ha
  •  Open space … 3.8 ha
  •  Environmental … 449.3 ha
  •  Buffer areas … 30.9 ha
  •  National parks … 41.3 ha

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