Couple plan to open doctors' clinic

WHILE the politicians continue to plan and talk about a super clinic for the Valley, a Yamba business couple have decided to build one themselves.

The owner of Kangabunnabys Childcare Centre, Beverley McIlveen and her husband Col have plans to set up a doctor's surgery in part of their childcare centre on Yamba Road.

The childcare centre opened less than a year ago and was designed to take up to 90 children.

Mr McIlveen said although the business was growing steadily they didn't think they would reach capacity, so there was room in the building for a surgery, completely separate from the centre.

Mr McIlveen said they were in discussions with a medical company that had expressed a strong interest in running a seven-day-a-week surgery out of the childcare building.

He said the company had also already found three doctors willing to move to Yamba to work in the surgery.

Clarence Valley councillor Karen Toms has supported the McIlveen's plans and was very excited with the progress.

“I can't imagine anyone wouldn't want this to go ahead,” Cr Toms said.

“I'll be doing everything I can to get approval on it.

“It's definitely needed in the community because we don't have a seven day a week surgery anywhere.”

From her own experience Cr Toms said at the Calypso Caravan Park on weekends when people needed medical attention there was no place to send them but the Maclean Hospital.

She said the conversion of part of the daycare centre was a matter of an internal modification so she couldn't see any problems with the plans.

“I just hope that we can get an outcome and achieve it,” Cr Toms said.

The McIlveen's will meet with Mayor Richie Williamson to discuss the plans on Friday.

The Clarence Valley Council has confirmed the zoning of the childcare centre was Residential 2A, a zoning appropriate for a doctors surgery.

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