Lexie and Geoff Power.
Lexie and Geoff Power.

Couple wins in love and money

TO REACH 60 years of marriage is a feat in itself.

But to win $10,000 on the day of your anniversary really does make it a diamond celebration.

On Thursday night, Grafton couple Lexie and Geoff Power celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by heading out for a quiet meal at the Grafton District Services Club.

But before they had even started eating, Lexie noticed Geoff’s membership number flash across one of the club’s screens.

“We just went over to have dinner and I said to Geoff, ‘That’s your number that’s come out’,” she said.

“He just went up and was told he won $10,000.

“We’ve won a lot of (little) things before but it was the first time we’ve won a big amount of money. It’s just one of those things that happens,” Lexie said.

Lexie and Geoff had not yet decided how they would spend their winning and were in no hurry to do so.

“We’ve been all over Australia and we’ve been overseas but Geoff’s been sick so we can’t go travelling now,” she said.

“We’ve got a family so we’ll find something to do with it.”

The old saying about being careful what you wish for must have crossed Geoff’s mind after winning the money.

“When we were walking over to the club I said to Lexie, ‘It’d be good to win the $10,000 tonight on our diamond wedding’,” Geoff said.

The couple returned to the club on Saturday night, to formally celebrate their anniversary with their family.

They have three children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Lexie and Geoff met in 1948 at the Grafton Show.

Geoff was 18 at the time and Lexie was 20.

They married three years later.

Both were raised on local dairy farms and continued in the industry after they were married.

“I vowed and declared when I was growing up that I’d never marry a dairy farmer – but I did,” Lexie said.

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