Court: victim spat on with blood

A MAN who spat blood in the face of his partner after a physical fight with two men will serve two weeks worth of community service.

Grafton man Rodney McRae appeared in Grafton Local Court yesterday charged with common assault and possession of a prohibited drug.

He pleaded guilty to both charges, which related to an incident after a night out at the Jacaranda Hotel with the victim, his partner at the time, on December 2 last year.

According to court documents, the victim was drinking at the bar when a group of males approached and began talking to her and some friends.

McRae allegedly became jealous and confronted one of the males in an alterca- tion that almost turned physical before the licensee stepped in.

When the hotel closed, McRae and the victim argued out the front of the hotel before he walked off.

The two males he had fought with earlier then walked the victim home.

Those men were down the street when they heard a verbal fight between McRae and the victim and ran into the house "to prevent an assault" against her. A fight started and the accused was "bashed". He then spat blood from his mouth in over the victim's face up to five times.

When police arrived, they found 6g of marijuana in McRae's pocket.

In court, defence solicitor Joe Fahey said McRae had managed to abstain from drugs and alcohol, which had been a "huge" problem for the 29-year-old in the past.

"He says life's better and his head is in a much better place," Mr Fahey said.

"You don't realise until you get off it how good you're going or how bad you were."

In light of this, Mr Fahey suggested community service would be an appropriate punishment.

"It always heartens me when people say they're feeling better off drugs and alcohol," Magistrate Denes said.

"On the other side of the ledger, he was already on two good-behaviour bonds for violent and alcohol- related offences."

The magistrate imposed two new good-behaviour bonds of 12 months each

and convicted him of the common assault and posses- sion of a prohibited drug charges.

For these offences, he was sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

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