BACK WITH A BANG: Chris Cleaver has taken 13 wickets in two matches for South Services in GDSC Premier League.
BACK WITH A BANG: Chris Cleaver has taken 13 wickets in two matches for South Services in GDSC Premier League. Jarrard Potter

CRCA CRICKET: Souths take early lead in premiership race

CRCA 1ST GRADE: South Services showed they mean business in season 2019-20 with an outright victory over Tucabia-Copmanhurst Phil Lloyd Earthmoving.

After posting 220 last week, Souths dismissed the second Tucabia outfit for just 90 and 63, with left-arm off spinner Chris Cleaver returning match figures of 7 for 38 off 14.4 overs and right-arm off spinner Brad Scott 5 for 48 off 19 overs.

"Those two will be bowling a fair few overs together this year, I think," Souths captain Tom Kroehnert noted. "They're different types of bowlers and complement each other."

The victory meant Souths jumped to the top of the table as other more fancied teams turned down the opportunity to vie for maximum points. Souths are also dominating the individual stats, with 2018/19 leading run scorer Dylan Cleaver (181 runs) and Chris Cleaver (13 wickets), returning from a two-year break from the sport, streets ahead of the field after two rounds.

"Those two have started the year really well," Kroehnert said.

"Dyl's had a few chances but has been good enough to capitalise on them," Kroehnert said. "Chris has been bowling well and it's flowing through to the rest of the team. We're fielding well, putting on good partnerships, it all adds up.

"We've certainly started the season well. But we have a fair test next week playing the premiers (Tuc-Cop GI Hotel) and that will give us a good gauge at where we're at."

Meanwhile, Clocktower Hotel Brothers threw in the chance at an outright result, calling stumps with 90 minutes to play against an understrength and under-manned Coutts Crossing side who at the time were hanging on at 2 for 47, having made just 103 in the first innings.

"While we were really looking forward to playing a full strength Coutts side, we were probably lucky to get Coutts a little bit understrength and (the opportunity for an outright) was in the back of our minds," Brothers captain Jake Kroehnert said..

"We thought we were a chance but Coutts played pretty conservatively and as you should when you're looking down the barrel of an outright."

While the wickets were shared among the bowlers, first grade rookie Ethan Lucas turned heads with his sheer pace and accuracy. Eight of his 11 overs during the day were maidens, claiming 1 for 2 off 6 overs in the first innings and 0 for 4 off 5 overs in the second innings.

"He definitely earned his spot there and he's found a yard of pace this year," Kroehnert said.

"He seems to perform every time we throw him the ball so far. We throw him in the deep end and he just keeps bowling well."

Last season Brothers were rarely challenged as undefeated minor premiers before losing to Tucabia-Copmanhurst GI Hotel in the grand final. But Kroehnert was confident the 2019/20 GDSC Premier League would not be a two-horse race.

"We're looking forward to a more competitive season this year," he said. "I think the teams are fielded a bit more evenly this year which is good.

"We've started the way we wanted to for sure, so hopefully we can keep doing it."

Coutts president and stand-in captain Andrew McLachlan was impressed with the resolve his top order showed in the second innings which ultimately lulled Brothers into submission.

"We probably lacked a little bit commitment in the first innings, and I think we showed in the second innings that if we knuckle down we can compete with anyone, even with a weakened team," McLachlan said.

"It goes a long way to proving that we've just got to put our heads down earlier in the day and not be as cavalier Coutts as we normally try to be."

Tucabia-Copmanhurst GI Hotel also turned down the opportunity of maximum points after they dismantled Easts Westlawn for 124.

A miserly opening stand between Ben Hill (10) and Pat Vidler (7) soaked up some precious overs before Jackson Grieve (34) and John Martin (33) scored some valuable runs.

Left arm pace triumvirate Brad Chard (3 for 23 off 9.1), Brayden Pardoe (3 for 43 off 15) and Rohan Hackett (2 for 14 off 10) were the pick of the bowlers for the premiers.

LADDER: 21 South Services, 14 Brothers, 8 Tuc-Cop GI Hotel, Coutts Crossing, 2 Easts Westlawn, 1 Tuc-Cop PLE.




Round 2


At McKittrick Park

Toss: Coutts Crossing

Brothers 1st Innings 315

Coutts Crossing 1st Innings

B Willis c Summers b DJ Lucas 0

D Ensby c Lawrence b EA Lucas 24

T Parkins b DJ Lucas 8

B Rankin st Lawrence b Kinnane 12

B Shipman c Lawrence b JS Weatherstone 36

N Wood b JS Weatherstone 9

N O'Connell c Sevil b JS Weatherstone 11

B North lbw BJ Weatherstone 0

A McLachlan b BJ Weatherstone 0

H Woods not out 0

Extras (b 0, lb 3, w 0, nb 0) 3

Total: 103

Overs: 30

FoW: 1-0(B Willis) 2-18(T Parkins) 3-44(B Rankin) 4-68(D Ensby) 5-84(N Wood) 6-96(N O'Connell) 7-97(B North) 8-97(A McLachlan) 9-103(B Shipman)

Bowling: DJ Lucas 7-1-2-21, BJ Weatherstone 6-2-2-18, EA Lucas 6-4-1-2, AJ Kinnane 4-0-1-28, J Kroehnert 3-0-0-16, JS Weatherstone 4-0-3-15.

Coutts Crossing 2nd Innings

N Wood b BJ Weatherstone 10

H Woods not out 8

B Shipman st Lawrence b Kinnane 12

T Parkins not out 16

Extras (b 1, lb 0, w 0, nb 0) 1

TWO wickets for 47

Overs: 21

FoW: 1-11(N Wood) 2-27(B Shipman)

Bowling: DJ Lucas 6-2-0-18, BJ Weatherstone 4-2-1-4, AJ Kinnane 6-3-1-20, EA Lucas 5-4-0-4.

  • Brothers won 1st innings by 213 runs


At JJ Lawrence Turf

Toss: Easts Westlawn

Tuc-Cop GI Hotel 1st Innings 230

Easts Westlawn 1st Innings

B Hill c Dougherty b Hackett 10

PJ Vidler lbw b Pardoe 7

S Connor b Hackett 0

SJ John c Pigg b Pardoe 0

JR Grieve c Pigg b Chard 34

J Martin c Hackett b Buchanan 33

E Munro c Dougherty b Chard 17

N Blanch lbw b Chard 0

BJ Shaw not out 0

Extras (b 3, lb 3, w 0, nb 0) 6

Total: 124

Overs: 56.1

FoW: 1-12(PJ Vidler) 2-13(S Connor) 3-14(SJ John) 4-22(B Hill) 5-64(J Martin) 6-98(JR Grieve) 7-124(E Munro) 8-124(N Blanch)

Bowling: R Hackett 10-4-2-14, B Chard 9.1-3-3-23, BR Pardoe 15-2-3-43, TJ Riley 9-6-1-10, MC Pigg 9-2-0-21, AJ Buchanan 4-1-1-7.

  • Tuc-Cop GI Hotel won 1st innings by 106 runs.


At Lower Fisher Turf

Toss: South Services

South Services 1st Innings 220

Tuc-Cop PLE 1st Innings

DW Woods lbw b Wynn 17

J Yardy lbw b Harris 11

TR Sullivan c Kroehnert b Wynn 15

BJ McKenzie lbw b C Cleaver 8

BR Blanch not out 20

DW Moran c DW Cleaver b C Cleaver 2

C Dehnert lbw b C Cleaver 5

KL Stutt run out (DW Cleaver) 0

JA Chevalley c C Cleaver b Scott 2

CL Deibert b Scott 5

LC Pigg c Dickson b C Cleaver 1

Extras (b 1, lb 1, w 2, nb 0) 4

Total: 90

Overs: 41.4

FoW: 1-19(J Yardy) 2-45(TR Sullivan) 3-48(DW Woods) 4-56(BJ McKenzie) 5-60(DW Moran) 6-65(C Dehnert) 7-69(KL Stutt) 8-72(JA Chevalley) 9-81(CL Deibert) 10-90(LC Pigg)

Bowling: L Harris 12-4-1-13, W Wynn 7-1-2-24, BG Scott 11-4-2-28, DW Cleaver 2-2-0-0, C Cleaver 9.4-3-4-23.

Tuc-Cop PLE 2nd Innings

DW Woods c Sullivan b DW Cleaver 2

BJ McKenzie c Sullivan b Harris 19

BR Blanch lbw b DW Cleaver 0

J Yardy c Kroehnert b DW Cleaver 4

TR Sullivan b Scott 4

C Dehnert b C Cleaver 5

KL Stutt st Sullivan b C Cleaver 0

JA Chevalley c Dickson b Scott 9

DW Moran c Pigg b C Cleaver 7

CL Deibert b Scott 10

LC Pigg not out 0

Extras (b 1, lb 2, w 0, nb 0) 3

Total: 63

Overs: 27.3

FoW: 1-16(DW Woods) 2-18(BR Blanch) 3-22(J Yardy) 4-26(BJ McKenzie) 5-33(C Dehnert) 6-35(TR Sullivan) 7-35(KL Stutt) 8-51(JA Chevalley) 9-52(DW Moran) 10-63(CL Deibert)

Bowling: L Harris 5-3-1-6, W Wynn 4-2-0-5, DW Cleaver 8-3-3-14, BG Scott 5.3-0-3-20, C Cleaver 5-1-3-15.

  • South Services won outright by an innings and 67 runs

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