www.gherkin.net.au .
www.gherkin.net.au .

Creative Gherkin goes live

GHERKIN, the art-based youth website commissioned and designed by young people in the Clarence Valley, has gone live this week.

Clarence Valley Council Youth Advisory Committee, made up of 15 students from different schools throughout the Valley, has been working throughout the year to launch a website. It is hoped the website will bring youth together through artwork, music and film.

Clarence Mayor Richie Williamson said the art-based youth website was designed to inform and connect people in our local community.

“It is a site that has been developed by the youth for the youth in the Clarence Valley and we hope it will provide another way for them to connect and communicate,” he said.

The site, which will be officially launched in February, is an on-line tool that youth can use to upload their creations and find out about youth events and activities in the Clarence Valley.

Students who form the committee will continue to take an active role in the website to develop youth programs and projects.

Council has gained $57,000 of competitive federal funding to support the website over three years.

To check out the new site visit www.gherkin.net.au .

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