Cricket boycott a must

PAKISTAN'S attitude over the past decade to allow terrorism to spread unchecked in their country is coming back to bite the government on its backside.

Taking away the chance to see live cricket in Pakistan is regarded as a national disgrace and government officials will soon be feeling the brunt of this anger from the people.

How can a band of terrorists ride through any city armed to the teeth with rocket launchers, hand grenades and guns?

What sort of security forces do they employ in Pakistan to root out these Satans? It is a disaster and the best punishment the government can be handed is to have a boycott placed on it by all cricketing nations around the world.

The 20/20 competition in India is now the focus of cricket attention with many saying that the risk of further terrorist attacks places the series in real jeopardy.

The lure of the almighty dollar will no doubt see many cricketers pack up their bags and head to India.

Any country that doesn't have the hardest possible line on terrorism should be left out in the cold as far as world sport is concerned. All sportsmen should support that ban.

Countries that turn a blind eye to terrorist groups don't deserve the opportunities to see or host the best. The greatest evil we all face today is the threat of terrorism; we need every country to fight it with everything they have at their disposal.

The greatest evil we all face today is the threat of terrorism

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