Rockhampton mother Demi Leigh Warcon has had ongoing run-ins with the law over the years.
Rockhampton mother Demi Leigh Warcon has had ongoing run-ins with the law over the years.

Criminal mother risks losing her six kids, judge warns

A MOTHER of six copped a stern warning in court on Wednesday, with the judge telling her if she did not change her ways she would miss out on the joy of watching her kids grow up.

Demi Leigh Warcon is a Rockhampton woman with a long criminal history.

She has spent significant time in jail over the past 10 years for a range of offending including violence, robbery and driving offences.

The 26-year-old has also breached "every" probation, suspended sentence and parole order made against her over the years.

Warcon faced Brisbane District Court on Wednesday where she pleaded guilty to 12 charges including robbery with violence, assault, enter with intent and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Judge Ian Dearden sentenced her to two years and three months but released her immediately on probation and suspended the sentences for 2.5 years

Warcon spent the past 15 months in jail after she was arrested and charged for a small crime rampage across Rockhampton in February 2017.

She and an associate forced their way into a woman's home in a hunt for money.

Waving a knife around, Warcon refused to leave when the home's occupant told her to go.

The victim ran into her bedroom seeking safety.

Warcon stole a backpack containing a number of items then went into the bedroom to confront the woman.

"I'm robbing you today," Warcon said.

"That's what is going on. I'm getting all your money."

Warcon left the property but returned when she heard the victim was calling police.

She kicked the door in and threatened the victim again.

Later that day, Warcon borrowed a friend's car then refused to return it.

She was also charged over an assault committed three days earlier where she swung a knife at another victim.

Warcon started taking drugs at 14 years old, had an addiction to methamphetamine and had been in trouble with the law for the past decade, the court heard.

Her previous offending included hitting a security guard who busted her shoplifting, hitting her cousin, threatening people with weapons including scissors and knives, the armed robbery of a video store, punching a woman repeatedly in the back of the head, a range of lesser offences and also breaching "every" court order made against her since 2010.

While Warcon has had her two youngest children in prison with her over the past 15 months, the court heard her other four children were living with their fathers or with her aunt.

Appearing before Judge Dearden via videolink from the Townsville prison, Warcon said she was determined to stay off the drugs and to stop committing crimes.

"I really want to be there for my kids," she cried to the judge.

"I will keep going to counselling ... to stay off drugs."

Judge Dearden told Warcon if she did not keep her promise she would be back behind bars.

"You know and I know that unless you stay off drugs, you will continue to commit criminal offences," he said.

"You will go to prison.

"You have to commit to being drug-free out of prison.

"You have to decide what is more important - drugs or your kids.

"You are no use to them if you are sitting inside (prison) and they are sitting outside." - NewsRegional

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