CRJC tries to allay trainers' fears

GRAFTON'S horse trainers are fed up.

Tired of having nowhere to train horses when it's wet, they have launched a campaign demanding answers about the all-weather track.

Trainers and trackwork riders met with Clarence River Jockey Club officials on Wednesday afternoon.

The CRJC had called the meeting at the urging of trainers in a bid to keep the key stakeholders informed about the all-weather track.

As reported in last week's Horse Whisperer, mediation is about to be undertaken regarding the controversial track, which is unusable during periods of rain. External legal expertise has also been sourced.

CRJC chairman Bob Pavitt assured trainers at the meeting there would be a favourable outcome from the process.

Pavitt also discussed how the CRJC would work with trainers to make the course proper and B-grass more available for fast work. Trainers were also informed of the process being put in place to smooth out any inconsistency in the depth of the all-weather track.

Trainers voted unanimously to continue the fight and have started a campaign of letter-writing and phone calls to Racing NSW and NSW Racing Minister Kevin Green to get a speedy resolution.

You can't help but wonder if this same problem happened at Randwick or Rosehill, would it have taken as long to sort out.

Hello Joe

AFTER reading the story on Takeover Target in the Horse Whisperer two weeks ago, Grafton resident Rhonda Lawrence was nice enough to share with us her brush with the gelding's trainer, Joe Janiak.

Rhonda was organising a benefit night some time ago to help raise money for Grant Egan to undergo a life-saving brain operation.

Rhonda, originally from Newcastle, has been an avid follower of racing and thought she could help by getting trainers to donate signed caps to auction on the night.

She sent a letter to trainers with a dollar enclosed asking for their help.

A few nights later she received a call from Joe Janiak, asking if he could do more for the cause.

“I received a phone call saying 'Hi Rhonda, it's Joe'. 'Joe who', she asked. 'Joe Janiak', came the reply.

Joe had called to see what he could do and told Rhonda he would send down a signed Takeover Target print.

A few days later the print arrived and inside the package was a very generous cheque.

In typical style, Janiak did not want any publicity and the print sold for a lot of money on the night.

Rhonda was so impressed with the gesture she bought the signed cap at the auction and wears it with pride every time Takeover Target runs.

“Takeover Target is one of the world's best sprinters. I hope their success keeps going. I just wanted to let everyone know what a great bloke Joe is,” she said.

And now she has.

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